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  1. Time for an update. After the above post I made in April my gearbox blew up again around May of this year. Long story short. Box was taken out again!! Sent back to Cogbox. It would seem that the new longer 4th I had fitted had stripped.
  2. Do you know why it happened?
  3. Pete from Cogbox was gonna repair foc, but in fear of it happening again I paid for a heavy duty longer 4th. This has been in since mid summer fingers crossed so far so good.
  4. Not really, he said usually 1st or 2nd will get stripped but he's never seen it on a 4th.
  5. At the time of it going, I was joining the M4 from the slip, changed from 3 to 4 at about 45mph not caining it, no load on it. I can only assume the gear was faulty.
  6. Weren't you in the Bus then? :p:D
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  7. Cock :)
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  9. You mention somewhere that the top engine mount was not needed, but did you have to cut it away to fit the Rjes bellhousing in?
  10. No top mount required and no cutting required for the rjes bell housing.
  11. Good news! I did speak to Richard when I bought the Bell housing and he mentioned no top mount required for non Turbo engines EJ20NA, I was hoping that meant no cutting as well... so all good. Cheers
  12. Cool thread... Got me worried bout the gearbox now though...
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  14. Hi @Baysearcher I'm running a 3 rib with a 2.2.. I'm told it'll be fine. Will be eventually in the market for a 6 rib. Should imagine I'll soon get sick of it revvin its knackers off at 60. Ha.
    Some are putting 1303 bug boxes on em too so I'm told. Should imagine the gearing is slightly better due to bein a car box rather than van. So yeah, not too worried.. Just not read any threads before with gears stripped etc.
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    If your box is in good nic I can't see it being a problem. If you use launch control too much it could lunch itself I guess!
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  16. @deano777 your box will be fine.
    My mistake was buying a "recon" 5 rib box from a gearbox specialist at a good price. It lasted about 250 miles after the scooby conversion( about a mile from home on my journey home from picking it up). The specialist had vanished when I tried to call in my warranty and ended up sending it to cogbox for a new 1st, which had exploded in the box and a longer 4th to give it the equivalent gearing to a 6 rib. I had some bad luck after that with the 4th stripping with no load on it.
    I have now had a heavy duty 4th in for a long time now with no dramas.
    If you are considering upgrading the gearing on your box I would recommend a longer 3rd and 4th, the 4th longer than the 6 rib equivalent I have as I'm still not happy with the revs at cruising speed. Although it's not cheap getting the gears swapped on your 3 rib, it will still probably be cheaper than buying an untested 6 rib that could be toast.
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  17. ;)Nice 1 fellas anyway good to know. I'm gonna run it with this while I save to sort it anyway, as has always been my plan. Just hope it lasts.. Will afta be gentle haha. Harder than saying it though isn't it. ;)
  18. @chrisgooner when you got the radiator pack from RJES did it come with all the pipes etc for connecting up to the engine? Did you get a heater setup from him as well?
  19. Is this the heater matrix that they clamp on to the bottom of the defrost tree? I've never been able to find out who makes that, or how many BTU/kW it puts out.

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