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    What an incredibly mysterious structure. Apparently it’s only a piece of a thirty mile radius of stone structures.

    Unbelievably they still have no idea what it was. Possibly the biggest mystery on earth.

    Any ideas?
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  2. The true mystery is why they built it so close to the A303 :thinking:. Nobody knows.
  3. It's so they could get the tourists there easily.
  4. It's just a pile of stones.
    Wouldn't it be hilarious all these years the world has wondered and somewhere there's two blokes looking down saying "I don't quite understand why all these people flock to your gazebo, Dave"
    I drive past it and sit in traffic and fume at the morons who spend so long staring at them that they run into the back of each other.
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  5. I don’t know ,
    But I have been up there on the solstice in 1982
    An amazing experience at the sunrise
    I stood right in the circle next to the Druids,
    Definitely a place for wierdos

  6. Sooner they build the tunnel, the better.
  7. Not starting until 2022. I saw the plans about 3 or 4 years ago. Benefits of working on large printers, tis going to be quite impressive.
  8. Used to go there in the 70's with me mates. You get right up to them then with yer Honda 250. Great place, commercialised now, shame.
  9. Had the Tate Modern been open 5000 years ago, that's where it would have ended up. A meaningless stone sculpture!
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  10. Me too... C1523691-CB52-4015-B06A-32C9AEA82D75.jpeg
  11. Why would they build that with the effort required just to know when when mid summer is.
    Surely Mid winter's day is more important - that is my theory (well not actually mine)
  12. Ommmmmm...
  13. Apparently it was the world's first service station :thumbsup:
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  14. It was great back in the 70's when you could wander freely around the stones. It is a mysterious place and a theory was it could have been where the winter solstice sunset was celebrated which marked the start of the earth tilting back towards the sun and the coming of a new year. This year in the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice is on December 21 when the midday sun is at its lowest in the sky.
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  15. Perhaps it's the earliest recorded incidents of fly-tipping?
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    The blue stones are very special they are full of metal and have air gaps that make them resonate when they’re struck, some say this is the reason they were brought in from wales the metal inside acts as a conductor for ley lines when the stone is set into the ground.

    If you believe that sort of thing.
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  17. The Druids know

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  18. Wiltshire, England - I'm home to an a mysterious monument that people flock to worship because they have no idea what it is for or how it got here

    Utah, America - Hold my beer...........................

  19. Why not? People believe in all sorts of things.
    Personally, I think they were waiting for a skip to turn up, but it never happened, and then got forgotten about...
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