Steering box seal kit anyone?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Keith.H, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Just wondering if people would be interested in a "seal kit" for their steering boxes? i have a couple to rebuild so i could easily buy a few of each bit needed, it would be £15.70 plus postage, let me know what you think?
    It would include

    Drop arm dust seal
    15 x 2 mm o ring
    28 cm of 2 mm o ring (you would need to cut to length and superglue)
    Oil seal 22 x 32 x 7 R23
    Oil seal 28 x 38 x 7 R23
    275 ml of SAE 90 gear oil
    Fibre washer

    Dust seal with pointer £6 extra (new price 09/14)
    Postage is £3.20

    So incl P&P £17.70 with out dust seal
    £23.70 with


    To service this type of box

    Hope VWH dont mind me borrowing there pic

    New drop arm seal



    Oil plug 75p
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  2. I don't need one but what a good idea, your a top bloke.
  3. Top idea! I'd be interested, as I have a spare box. No chance of the caged ball-bearings as well (I forget what they look like, @fritt will know)?
  4. Never being able to find a supplier, not that i would recommend it BUT they are housed in a plastic cage and its a piece of urine to pop them out and put new ones in
    The bearing part no is SFK3555 927, open cage ball race if anyone can find them
  5. You're a star. I'm still interested in a kit.
  6. I would definitely be interested as mine is good ;)but is wet round the seals so yes please:thumbsup:
  7. Call me on Monday Keith, I have a man for obscure bearings.
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  8. You mean he keeps giving you wrong directions :confused:?
  9. Count me in i need to do mine be fore the mot
  10. Definitely if you can do them for an early box. my latebay has an early cast box.
  11. BTW, where do you get the dust seals with the pointer from - I thought that was a ZF bit?
  12. Ha, took me ages to find them ;)
  13. @snotty @matty @womball
    Postage would be £3.20 2nd class, so £15.70 payable on receipt if your still interested?
    PM me addresses if so :thumbsup:
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  14. Mine leaks its oil, so yes please... :thumbsup:
  15. PM me your address:thumbsup:
  16. This is probably a silly question but would this kit fit a left hander? :)
  17. Yep
  18. PM sent. Question: is the smaller O ring the one that seals the adjuster clamp nut? Haven't got a box in front of me...
  19. It's for the filler cap, is there one on the adjuster? I will have a look tonight
  20. Does anyone know if the earlier cast boxes use the same seals?
    How many boxes are there? 1 for the early and 1 for the late or more?

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