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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Betty the Bay, Apr 20, 2019.

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    First up, make sure that all the plumbers tape isn't preventing it earthing on the carb body. . Make sure it clicks when you connect 12v to it. If that checks out OK, back to basics... check your points haven't closed up, check your timing and valve clearances.

    Have you checked all the rubber hoses for splits / leaks? The one on the top of the left carb looks split?
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  2. I agree with the first part. Make sure it clicks then if OK back to basics. I thought I had trouble getting my carbs to run and made loads of adjustments to the throttle stops, fast idle, float valves, synchronisation, mixture etc. In the end I found a fault on no. 3 plug cap so the spark was really weak. This was only 6 months old. Not the carbs at all on that occasion.

    I don't think the split hose is likely to be it as this is an inlet ahead of the carb coming from the air filter. Cable tie it.
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  3. As above, if you've wrapped the body of the solenoid with PTFE tape, it won't be grounding to the body of the carb, so it won't operate.

    Take it out and check it on a battery.
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  4. No splits in any pipework ..... forgot about the valve needing grounding .... will earth it to the body.
    Electronic ignition and just serviced...only thing I've done since service was to change the fuel pipes and breathers.
    Perhaps some swarf in the jets ?
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    I don't think the split hose is likely to be it as this is an inlet ahead of the carb coming from the air filter. Cable tie it.[/QUOTE]

    Good point.

    Worth checking the balance pipe / servo hoses though. And carb bases
  6. New solenoid isn't secure even with Ptfe and silicone. ..think I need to sort a Solex carb to cannibalize for the top.
    As it's our holiday vehicle, was thinking of biting the bullet and fitting something more modern...bearing in mind it's a 2L auto, what would you lot recommend?
    CJ 2L auto, just wanting reliability not performance ( I realise both those adjectives don't really apply to a VW bus !
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  7. It is just possible to helicoil this with care, I've had to do this on mine. Think it's m10 x 1.0 but you'd need to double check, remember having to order specially as not a size I already had
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  8. Didn't think that putting in a helicoil would be have given me hope !
  9. As a result of @tom-bex confirmation that a helicoil would be possible, I'm going to have a try .... what is the liquid metal stuff called, just invade it doesn't quite go to plan ? ( yes I know mercury is a liquid metal!) I mean the filler stuff.
  10. I think it's JB weld but you shouldn't need it. I remember being worried doing mine but that was 10+ years ago and no problems since (not with that anyway!). Casting looks very thin, but just go carefully with drilling and tapping. Use light pressure on the drill, and back off the tap regularly and you should be fine. Sorry I but I can't remember thread size, but think it's m10 x 1.0.
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  11. I've got a m10 in my helicoil box..just need to find an m10 bolt to check size...mushroom on end of valve prevents me doing it with a nut !
  12. I somehow missed this comment first time around.

    As it’s a first offence you just get a warning this time. But anymore of this and you’ll go in the book.
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  13. It's definitely not a standard m10. Think it's either m10 x 1.25 or m10 x 1.0 (same as brake pipe fittings?). Remember having to purchase it specially but blowed if I can find the kit now! Probably lent it out and never returned
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  14. Got both of the above's neither, appears to be M11.
    An engineer has taken it to have a play, he's going to sleeve it and cut a thread in the sleeve....or he's going to try !
  15. The thread on a Type 1 solenoid (assume Type 4 is the same) is a rather bizarre M11 x 1.0. Most odd.
  16. So it seems... apparently the jobs done... picking carb top up in he morning.
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  17. I knew it was an odd size but couldn't remember what!
  18. I'll send you a bill for the wrong helicoils ordered ! Lol
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  19. Send me the bill by all means.............

    Doesn't mean I'll pay it though:p
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