Starts, but won't tickover

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Betty the Bay, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. ^this. Take solenoid out and bung up hole with chewing gum :thumbsup:
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  2. Maybe. But there’s a fair bit of suction at that point. A piece of rag might be safer.
  3. Getting recovered home tomorrow... didn't fancy going into Highlands with a bodge!
    May help get it on low loader / into garage at home !
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    Go to the nearest gift shop and buy a novelty eraser. Then, using a Stanley knife, cunningly fashion it into a tight fitting bung. :thumbsup:
  5. The Heritage one is on backorder and doesn't look like mine.[​IMG]

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  6. Doesn't everyone have a cork in a bottle this time of year?
    Double bubble...!
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  8. Chop the plunger bit of the end and refit it.
  9. I thought that but I'm not sure we ever decided that it's duff yet.
  10. Doesn't matter as a new one will be with me by the end of the week.
    Recovery all sorted, so will take advantage of the improved mpg on way home.
    May do as suggested to move on and off the recovery vehicle ( s ).
  11. The rubber elbow in the first pic looks split.
    Get that replaced as an air leak there will effect idle.
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  12. Any suggestions of what to use to make the new solenoid fit tighter in the partly stripped carb housing, other than silicone?
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    To be honest, your best bet is to source another carb body off ebay, or here. There have been a couple of cheap sets on here recently. Failing that, something like chemical metal on the threads of the solenoid may do the trick, as long as you make sure none goes in the carb. I doubt there is enough metal on the carb to fit a helicoil or similar.
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  14. May be obvious, but how about some PTFE thread sealing tape.
    PTFE TAPE 12MM X 12M (76841)
    Screwfix 29p

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  15. That was my first thought....didn't know if there would be an issue around petrol.
  16. PTFE is pretty stable against most solvents I don't think you will have any issues
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  17. I know a couple of plumbers who aren’t stable around PTFE tape! :)
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  18. Thinking about it there's some around the inlet and outlet nuts on the electric fuel out with the Ptfe when part comes !
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  19. part received and fitted with plenty of Ptfe...the plumbers on here would be impressed!
    Unfortunately, it's still got the same issue...had it running for a few minutes in the garage, but once it came of the choke she was back to her old ways....looks like I need to source a new carb top for the left hand side !
    Or am I missing something obvious?

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