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  1. Try and OTE="Ermintrude, post: 1440608, member: 88"]I’ve been tempted to ask the same thing but so much to do this weekend and a festival in the village... but then there’s so many folk I haven’t seen for years going to Stamford and I need to use the bus...

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    Try and come hun, it'd be great to see you, yes get out in your bus!! :)
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  2. [​IMG]

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  3. Daisy’s in party the campers #no garagesallowed

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  4. Cheeky bugger! Looks like s great time but probably wise I stayed here. If only to avoid all the things I was going to do! :D

    Have a great one!

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  5. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Have a fab time all those that are going :). I’m a bit fed up I can’t go :(.
  6. Running late here and just getting ready to go. Cant you escape?
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  7. I thought that was you 'dancing' behind us to that 'amazing' 60s band last night. Wasn't sure but this confirms it.

    See you later.

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  8. Avocado and poached egg on toast. New camping menu starts today!


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  9. Si the eye , popper :eek: enjoy the sun n have a. Good one :thumbsup::beer:
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  10. Same here.
    The inlaws got back early early this morning so i suppose i could have set off at 3am to get down there for opening time but ho hum. :(
  11. theBusmonkey

    theBusmonkey Sponsor

    are you there yet?
    pics or it didn't happen!!!
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  12. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    No, tho sarah has done her 10k and I’ve done my 1 mile :). Just got back home. Have a fab time x
  13. I went for a couple of hours, car parks were rammed with interesting stuff, often more so than the show itself (not my place to say 14 plate TT convertibles are a strange car at a classic VW meet...but the razor ghia and T25 syncro at the entrance to the car park made up for it).

    Didn't see anyone I know but it was gf first outing to a VW show so was concentrating on helping her understand that rust and dents are a good thing and tell a buses story (aka an excuse) as she decided that pastel coloured splitty's were her favourite.

    Her walk home should be counted as a learning opportunity.

    The fact that she didn't shows I've learnt not to enforce that one...
  14. Fantastic day ... met some new people :) bought a few must haves :)

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  15. Hi all . Called in at the show today. Quite a good show realy, especialy in the weather we had.
    Called in at the Poptop Kitchen and stuffed our Hodges on a chiabata and some cheesy pasta , realy nice sat in the chair watching people for 20 mins or so - delicious.
    Spent a bit of money on decent things for a change.
    We simply forgot to call in at the latebay folk but saw you from a distance - well at least robos van and trailer anyway.
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  16. Great show and glad to meet some old and some new faces, must do it again next year and possibly get more vans as you cant have more TTs on a display than our latebays, even our loopy dog in the scorching sun didnt ruin our day !!!
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  17. that must be the polished van end, any more pics we forgot'
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  18. I haven't ... I did see a lady taking pics of the whole lineup
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  19. I lied ... I've this one with a whole extra 1 bus

  20. These were the only ones I took if I was “the lady”






    Promo girl

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