Stanford Hall show

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  1. I wish i was coming. Theres so many little bits i still need for my bug but the inlaws aren't back from their holidays until 3am on Sunday. :mad:
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  2. Hi, wish I could camp on the Sat night but got to do something I can't get out of.:(
    So I'll be there early Sunday...........I can camp Sunday night.....Stanford or else where,, even a layby next to a pub , lol :burp:
    It's gonna be a scorcher, YeeHaa, better than cold and rain last weekend.
    Hope I can get on the club display pitch :thumbsup:
    See you soon :D
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  3. We’re know having a bit of a party on the Sunday bbq ect not staying Sunday

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  4. why not the sunday?
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  5. Party at my house in the sun

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  6. why didn't you say - i'll follow you there... or you can try and keep up
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  7. U can come for a party but be warned a party at mine isn’t for the faint hearted my kids and Craig’s kids will be there mate

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  8. Got tkt pm mobile

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  9. Many thanks, pm sent :thumbsup:
  10. Mate is travelling from Eddies with SSVG from about 8/9ish so beware if travelling that way to be stuck behind them at 20mph
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  11. Is there any tickets left
  12. I’ve been tempted to ask the same thing but so much to do this weekend and a festival in the village... but then there’s so many folk I haven’t seen for years going to Stamford and I need to use the bus...

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  13. sorry all gone, even convinced me 2 mates to go on a different stand so I could get space. :(:(
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  14. No worries I didn' ask early as didn't know if I'd get fly wheel seal done in time cheers
  15. No stopping us now!
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  16. Come on be bliss to ur young face again so soon

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  17. What on earth is that think (presume it’s some fire thing )

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  18. Basically a short term measure ... Fuse on the outside, polystyrene casing, powder in that, explosive in the middle.
    Not the best, but cheap and quick to fix .... Now to save up for a gas one.
    (BTW don't tell the missus how much I sponsored ... she'd think it was too much :rolleyes:)
  19. [​IMG]tlb camp [​IMG]
    The real Tlb from techenders mud to this

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  20. A bit different to last weekend:thumbsup:
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