Stanford Hall show time again

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by the 3 crispies, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. we normally stay 20 mins from site
  2. All being well I am camping at the Hall itself, see how that goes...
  3. A few people via Facebook seem be a bit sketchy about camping is there something I haven't been told.

    It's the ground not flat
  4. Dunno, not been before, could be Marmitee...for all I know.
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  5. I'll bring leveling chocks for uneven ground and beer to numb any pain.
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  6. Breakfast at poptopkitchen I hope!!
  7. It's fine live music on ten Saturday night and early get into walk round the trade stalls. (Also poptopkitchen does breakfast and lunch...... And we're open the Saturday night when youve had a few beers.)
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  8. What on the menu?
  9. Breakfast and not breakfast[​IMG][​IMG]
  10. I shall be seeing you this weekend
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  11. soooo tempted and it is a bank holiday weekend... and i could catch up with some of the old notts folk.... and i'm already having techenders withdrawal :thinking:
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  12. Grilled halloumi please yom yom
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  13. Hopefully we'll bump into you if you do
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  14. only if you're not hiding behind bushes! :D
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  15. I promise not to :hattip:
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  16. Just the once or on several occasions

    I’m planning on breakfast & late lunch. I just hope there is enough.
  17. @Razzyh. @Austin. @Mellow yellow.
    Have spare spot someone dropped out or anyone else if Ray not available first.

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  18. Yes please. Thanks. What do I do just turn up?
  19. Might be able to make this now, not in the camper though.

    I'll make sure I pop by the line up.
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  20. Why did i look at that.... bloody starving now and an hour till lunch
    Looks lovely @pkrboo :thumbsup:
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