Stanford Hall show time again

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  1. Sorted this last year and enjoyed the day, just gauging interest really anyone up for it.
    sorry @Babble nicked your pic as we were late !!!
  2. Sorted what?
  3. Stamp collection?
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  4. Pocket change?
  5. No worries, it was a great show/day. :)

    Thank you for organising it all.

    Yes please for me on the club pitch :thumbsup:
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  7. Im on the right page now too! Club pitch!
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  8. You likly to be going in Chip?
  9. Yeah, it's usually a weekend or two after April TE isn't it?
    Mel's on about having Chip and the syncro out and about to blow the cobwebs away
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  10. @the 3 crispies Kindly contacted Stanford for a club pitch and "sorted" and posted us our club pitch passes etc.
    If I remember right @Robo sorted out the TLB banner. :thumbsup:

    It'd be great to have a display again ;)
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  11. @Dicky , Obviously I have no input into the decision, I'm just the driver of Chip as she always bags Big G :rolleyes:
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  12. It's the 5th May.... have a guess where it is located, lol :thinking:
    It's a Bank Holiday weekend.
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  13. Yeah, I think we'd be up for a display inside the show. Await details with interest:thumbsup:
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  14. We always go to the show. It's our fave of the year. Always in cattle class though...but last to leave eh @Dicky ;)
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  15. How does this work? What's the plan? Was thinking of booking a solo pitch, but if there's a chance of a bit of company, I'm all ears?
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  16. Invariably pretty much last out,
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  17. Thats lunch sorted then. Must come a bit earlier nexttime so i dont miss owt!
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  18. Will contact and pay this week hoping 10 pitches again. May be able to ask for more but need to have approx nos asap.

    Yeah B/h mayday event

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  19. How much was it last year and what were the arrangements? Access times etc?

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