Springcamp / Northern soul night Fri 10th / Sat 11th / Sun 12th April / Woodland Waters Ancaster

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  1. sANDYbAY

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    Just got to some wifi, thanks MacDonalds, we had a brilliant weekend everybody, thanks to such good company.
    Another big thank you to @Jono1249 for his fire pit and wood. :thumbsup:

    We set of after a lovely carvery, (what a very civilised way to round off a weekend camp) with the intention of getting to our next site just south of Shrewsbury but called a halt to proceedings as the weather got worse and worse. We very nearly got blown into the path of an oncoming lorry. I now know adrenaline is brown. The roads we were on we're quite exposed and trying to keep it on the road as we passed hedges and buildings gave me many tense moments.
    In addition to hail, torrential rain and side winds I got the wrong exits on a few of the bigger roundabouts so the atmosphere in our van became, Ummm, shall we say, Tense?
    To avoid a regrettable murder, either mine or Jan's, we decided to split the journey so pulled in and camped in a farmyard for the night.
    Woke this morning and the water in the dogs bowl had frozen :eek:
    That's campervan living. :)
    Still, all's good now, once the fog had cleared, and we're back on the road.
    Oh, by the way @Barneyrubble i would have sent you a pic this morning but my phones dead and somebody didn't pack the charger lead, so we're on the look out for a phone shop on our travels.
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  2. It was great to meet you both. Very glad you made at least part of your journey
    I always think of the film 'cool runnings ' whilst driving in wind. Vw T2 bobsleigh team.
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  3. That'll be Chloe then, I guess?

    Glad you're all still in one piece... Our journey South was about the worst I've driven in the bus.... Karen had taken four Kalms tablets and was sucking on her e-cigarette virtually constantly! There's still finger marks in the seats where she was holding on so tight and i don't think I've ever had to hold the steering wheel in the 'five-to-five' position to go in a straight line before!

    Hopefully the weather will be kind to you for the rest of the week.
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  4. Glad you are both safe @sANDYbAY and of course Cloe :) . Lovely to see you both. Our journey back across the fenns was also a tad hairy with cross winds from the lorries , stay warm and enjoy.
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  5. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Will I go to jail?

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  6. Maybe... maybe not. But you'll never get to heaven if you break that glass!
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  7. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Ha ha, I was gonna get one of them :thumbsup:
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  8. just back from our extended spring camp:eek: , totally fooooookd , we had a ball , what a laugh , really sorry i didnt get chance to say goodbye n give kisses :( but i went to get betty n we was booked in , plus i fawt most were coming over for sunday lunch , which, was greeeet, those that missed it :food:. Well you know most of what happened and have seen the pics , i might be able to find a few special oneso_O , @Row @Millie you were both stars :eek: and great to meet the rest @Jono1249 sorry didnt get to have a drink with you but great to meet you and thanks for all your help @Dazza great laugh n well oiled lol , again sorry i didnt see the losing of your erection :D, glad to have been of help to get it up thou :eek: it was quite a big one. Big thanks to @WoodyLubber for sorting another great place to stay and for giving us a guided tour of his other parts :eek:. Thanks too to @Silver for helping the aged and showing betty his parts n erections :eek: ted was huge and had a great birf dee cake . I thought ru was my mate till he nearly had the seat out of my trewzwers :eek:, n bell for his songs , millie for watching over my tit bits , and tilly and chloe for not pinching my burger :D oh n @MK-Bay n troop for your usual charm , @zed for letting me cook you chicken too your satisfaction :D turned the old fashion way without spit :p:D. Well me backs worse for wear but we made it our 450mile round trip with just one hot start blip n can of petrol . @Millie we luv you and seeing you sitting up in the recovery vehicles cab with that humungus cock tail arriving in style was a memory we will never forget god bless you me loveleeeez and @Row n co great neighbours . If ive missed anyone ha ha how could i @TomEv86 my drinking n dancin n eatin nnnnnnnnnn buddy a reet greet lad our tom. Oh n all other northern troupe n @sANDYbAY bob n jan for the midweek special photos , sorry we didnt follow you but we ended up camping in your country with loadzzz a caravans n bigggg campers next to a beautiful old water mill /river and had a brill time with the locals :D thanks everyone another great TLB meet :worship: luv barn n betty :thumbsup:
  9. Have you been away Barn?? :)
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  10. with the fairys col :D
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  11. ^^ always! :)
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  12. ive been called alsorts of ends row :D, bet yes my legs you did see um lol . was great wantit :thumbsup:
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  13. Shame you weren't at Techenders Barnie but glad we got to see you 'n Betty at Springcamp... you definitely bring a certain "je ne sais quoi" and make the meets even more memorable!

    Glad you had a fab week! :thumbsup:
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  14. yes but id fiddled with your nuts enuff andrew and well oiled too , see you again soon we hope , houghton was great too , i made a few smile their too :D:thumbsup:
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  15. Had a great laugh with you and betty once again! Glad you enjoyed the rest of your trip buddy we will be seeing you at skegvagas2015 all being well!
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  16. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Glad you're back safe and sound, we were going to pop over to Houghton this evening to say hello but if you've gone perhaps we shouldn't bother. :)
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  17. Glad you and Betty enjoyed the rest of your little holiday @Barneyrubble. I did wonder about your poor back after throwing shapes all Saturday night. :D Glad my arrival in style and fancy cocktail put a smile on your face. Ooh, that well rhymes ha ha. :chewie:
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  18. Yes it has resulted in us all being barred from any campsites ever only two campers at a time ;) x
  19. :eek: ill have you know ive been invited back to do a tribute to john travolta :eek:
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