Springcamp / Northern soul night Fri 10th / Sat 11th / Sun 12th April / Woodland Waters Ancaster

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  1. Flakey

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    Have a great weekend everyone,get some pics up asap
  2. Nipped up this morning just to say hello. Very nice site picked by Woody.
    Once again the hospitality of the TLB members, all of who I've never met before, was brilliant. Grateful for the cup of tea and offer of pizza and a bacon sandwich. Wish I could have stayed but more likely than not pop over again tomorrow morning.
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  3. Dazza

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    Great weekend, absolutely chuffed to bits to be welcomed so well, thanks chaps for helping me with my erection- it's so big it's hard to handle by myself
    I feel really really rough this morning so it must have been a great day/ night

    Some pretty crap photos really but it's all I was capable of taking
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  4. could not agree more @Dazza and @Jono1249 ( not about your erection Dazza) will upload some pictures later. A special huge thank you to @Barneyrubble and Betty, you made us feel so very at home and thank you for feeding us :) . Lovely to meet up with a few people from here and hope to see you again soon.
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  5. My uploader is playing up so can only do one at a time or if crashes :( image.jpg
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  7. image.jpg
  8. Woodylubber

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    Do you mean this erection ;)



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  9. I have also now have seen @zed 's bus .....I must say it is one of my favourite buses ever !
  10. Dazza

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    Ha ha, that'll be the one - bloomin windy as hell
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  11. image.jpg
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  15. Jono... You were an absolute star for going home specifically to get your fire pit... and even more so for bringing wood and fire lighters too. Sorry we didn't have it all cleaned out before you came to collect it this morning... We owe you some beers when we next meet! :)
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  16. This is one of my favourite photos from the weekend!

    And here's some more:



    Fantastic weekend... Great to meet some old friends and make new ones too.

    Thanks again to WoodyLubber for taking the time to organise and for choosing yet another fab location!
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  17. Dazza

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    Were you in the doghouse for running over the handbag?:):)
  18. Ooops! :-(

    Fortunately the iphones and ipad weren't in it at the time and i managed to miss anything of importance so i live to fight another day!

    Great to meet you and Lynn and glad you enjoyed your first TLB meet and first camp in your bus.. Look forward to meeting you again at the next one!
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  19. We're helping out with the erection whilst @Barneyrubble is trying to break in to steal the radio.
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  20. No worries, glad I could help. Very nice to meet you and your family. I still have the daisy your daughter gave me.

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