Spring Camp 2014

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  1. the down stairs bog decided to crack ( cistern) :confused: flooded toilet hall n bit of lounge n all the mail :rolleyes: luckily the tax free fing hadnt arrived :rolleyes: so i ripped up floor ,ripped out toilet , n got some tar remover n cleaned all the tar off my bus , good job i never caught up with em or they would have got more than tar sprayed over them ill tell ya :mad:. Oh well that a teach us for havin a hol lol. wE a be ok its not as much water as was in that pond at the weekend:D. I might be able to find a bit more wind ta dry it out :oops::thumbsup:
  2. Sorry to hear about the flood, hope you get it sorted out soon. Glad we met you and your better half, thanks for being so welcoming and looking forward to meeting you again soon
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  3. sANDYbAY

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    Oh no, bad news Barney, hope you get dried out soon.
    It was lovely to finally meet you and Carol, and both me and Jan hope it won't be too long before we meet you again.
    All the best.
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  4. Bless ya Rubbles and after a fab weekend coming home to that, hope it's not put too much of a dampner on things ;)
  5. No I haven't, haven't needed to tbh as this was the first time I'd encountered "Little Hitler" - they obviously only bring him out on a Bank Holiday. Shall defo try another site tho as it's a lovely area and I'm determined to do the bike ride sometime
  6. Looks like everyone had a good time. Maybe we will be able to make next spring !
  7. we have no flooring now , i ripped it all up n cut a bg hole in the lounge carpet , its soakin under everything , we havnt done the kitchen yet :rolleyes::thumbsup:
  8. i think you made him realise , that he would not win against miss churchill thou lo :thumbsup: disco duckess :hug:
  9. spring camp 2014 second best camp ever [​IMG]
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  10. You like your toilet tent dont you Barn!
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  11. sANDYbAY

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    Didn't you notice, that's where he slept.
  12. no thats where the web cam was :D
  13. they told me it was an event tent :confused:
  14. did anyone like the shots ?
  15. Flakey

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    Some of them.
  16. Terrordales

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    Isn't it @poptop2 that normally sleeps in places like that? o_O
  17. It was the flashing light on the top that made me chuckle, like some kind of landing strip ;)
  18. what made me chuckle was when you went in their got your no b out n realised no bowl , its all on web cam elvis :eek:
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  19. There were some special ones flowing on Saturday night. Not quite got the ratio correct yet but I will keep trying.

    @WoodyLubber had some of @Barneyrubble special cocktail shots if I remember rightly.

    Would quote about the refreshments on Friday night but it's a little hazy
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  20. It's a good job there was no bog, you no what happened to Elvis!!!

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