Spring Camp 2014

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    You should've said, I had a tripod with me!
  2. Looks like everyone had a good time :)
  3. Dammit! Oh well, next time I'll be prepared :)
  4. Test pic :confused:

  5. Got to be the best worzel face I've seen so far :D

    Chef Barney working his magic :food:

    We caught the local bus Saturday into Oakham & my lad said this was chitty bang bang :D

    I preferred this :cool:

    On the Sunday we went for a stroll around Rutland Water, the mini's were on their bikes! It was such a lovely day :)


    It was all going well until Charlie was encouraged by his big sister to tackle a cattle grid on his bike, it would appear small wheels and stabilizers don't go well with cattle grids & I had to rescue him from this :rolleyes:

    We cleaned him up, brushed him down & carried on, we were happy to find the ice cream man though :chewie:


    Even the pooch welcomed a lick of something cool:dog:
  6. A big thanks has also got to go to @Barneyrubble & @Tiny-Pie for the entertainment which went on for quite a while :thumbsup:


    Finally @Barneyrubble managed to get it up, even if it was just for a few seconds :oops:
  7. @sANDYbAY the keyring had 'MRS ROBO' on it, if you would make her another that would be brill but please let me know what I owe you please!
  8. Cheers for putting that on mate ....haha worryingly not the first time I've been compared to worzel! Great to meet you buddy!
  9. Haha...the kiting was a major failure... glad you didn't get a pic if me on my back legs in the air trying to keep it up... @Barneyrubble and betty had a good giggle!
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  10. Finbarr Saunders could have a field day with that
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  11. Terrordales

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    I don't think that there is anyway this could be misconstrued, is there? :eek:
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  12. My pleasure :D

    Likewise it was good to meet a few more TLB members over the last two weekends, just wish I had a better memory for names though :oops:
  13. I know how you feel mate, I think name badges should definitely be used in future!
  14. Yeah - shame I got evicted! lol
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  15. sANDYbAY

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    You took one for the team. You're a heroine Lola.
    Have you ever been to the other campsite just round the corner near the sailing club?
  16. At least your avatar piccie looks coincidentally like you... kinda gave us a clue to who you were! ;-) Good to meet you briefly... hope you're enjoying being back in the warm!
  17. There's a lot to be said for wearing a distinctive/stupid hat :)
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  18. Great pictures everyone , havnt had chance to even look at mine yet , got home to find house flooded :( n a nice roadworks truck managed to spray hot tar all over front of my van on final approach , so great spring camp and extension but damp en tareeee end . just gona cheer me sen up na :lol:
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  19. What happened to cause the flood Barney? :(
  20. Sorry to hear your flooded Barney :( crap things always seem to happen to good people:(

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