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  1. Went to a motorcycle rally today & this was there!

  2. And another!

    There was a couple others but i didn't want to walk threw a couple thousand motorcycles to grab some pictures :-[ Hey i'm LAZY!
  3. fearny~ I like that! the color too!
  7. Chrisradioman--I actually talked the guy who owns the black one,the motor is a 1972 flatty with A LOT of s.c.a.t racing parts in & on it >:D
  8. [​IMG]
    saw these some time ago .....very late ones at that
  11. Is that a Gulf pulling a bug? :thinking:
  14. [​IMG]

    always see a few when i go check up on molly/drop her off here...the splitty belongs to Paul who's doing up the camper, he has 3 vans i think... x
  15. First work trip out today for two months & just spotted this on its way north up the M1...

  16. jivedubbin

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    seen in Bayeaux northen france

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