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  1. I'm from near Ashford too! Brabourne.
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    What's the blue one in the trailer @lost-en-france ? I like the T25 at the builders yard?
  3. some sort of micro car...:D

    Because France is a bit behind ,the T25 is used a lot for tips/builders yards rather than going to shows etc..

    One day , it will be a classic...:hattip:
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  4. This from the website of buttercupbus, one of those rental/promo Vw agencies. One of their T2s was at the Lord Mayors show in London, promoting a big UCI cycle race coming to lovely Yorkshire.

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    That's a paradox; now lovely Lancashire, more like it:p
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    Fiat Topolino
    Fiat Topolino.jpg
    @Merlin Cat I’ve just realised you said ‘What's the blue one in the trailer’. The Fiat Topolino is the one in the blue trailer. :)
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  7. [​IMG]

    Openshaw, Manchester this evening on my way home.
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  8. Spotted a late bay green westy in Amsterdam central on Monday, driven by a young girl just glided along in the traffic. The only other classic car I spotted while there for a few days was a Citroen DS ambulance.
  9. You called
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    You took your time! :D
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  11. Sorry I was on another job that overrun
    It's £80 call out charge btw
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  12. [​IMG]

    Bright blue Beetle on Lidl carpark yesterday while I was out in my van... Had to take a quick pic as the traffic lights were changing...

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