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  1. Spotted at some mountain bike place I took my lass & two of her girl guide pals!


    I was chilling sat in my chair just watching the world go past!

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  2. Called in on a local VAG BBQ this afternoon.[​IMG]
    Parked outside.

    And this little lot in the grounds.
    I didn't bother with the newer stuff.

    We then carried on our way to town for a brocante. Walked 19km by time got home four hours later.

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  3. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Flakey

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    Today in El Chorro
  5. Out of my window, waiting for midnight to be driven :thumbsup:

  6. Are you going to wait up & then go for a spin?

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  7. Was going to but thought might be best getting use in the light and when no yellow snowed dick heads are on the road :thumbsup:
  8. Have a drink to calm your nerves first
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  9. That was below the bells

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  10. Moons

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    I think we should have a poll to help you decide which to take first....
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  11. Does that solar power panel work well as that would fit a Devon roof well I think:thinking:
  12. Not sure yet, its a 100w one from amazon ,was on offer for just over £100.
    Was going to try and run a cool box in spain/Portugal during the day but people think it will drain too much power.
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  13. It feeds in through the air intakes neatly so no drilling needed.
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  14. Il be watching closely as I defantly want solar power as back up :)
  15. good luck tomorrow cong , have fun n take care ,:thumbsup:
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  16. 21 minutes & counting

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  17. I shall be turning the channel on the telly shortly as they always have a count down & fireworks for such occasions

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  18. yep, come to zero, silence then the sound of a T2 not cranking and swearing :thumbsup:
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  19. Been for a drive yet?
  20. Tuesday wildchild

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