Spare wheel position

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by alexbloorino, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. If there was enough interest in the A frame design I’d be tempted to make a few up.

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  2. I keep mine behind the shed, I’ll never get a puncture :thumbsup:
  3. I'd be interested in buying one :)

    Would you get them powdercoated? I'd need instructions on how to mount and would be handy if fixings could be included too ;)

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  4. I got the one I did powder coated yeah. Ok well perhaps I’ll look at doing some towards the end of the year (need to get our bus finished and enjoy it a bit). If I get enough people interested I’ll cost it up.

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  5. I never carried a spare I had a couple of them puncture aerosol things
    As I had different tyre sizes
    However I did buy the best quality commercial tyres o_O
    living on the edge happy birthday btw:)
  6. I may be interested in a front mount too
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  7. I inherited mine and I’m guessing it’s been on there 6 years at least

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  8. Mines left the garage:D
  9. Sounds about right, would have been around 6-7 years ago, still got the prototype I made, need to fit it back on the new van.

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  10. You had a couple of aerosols, there’s one or two that are TLB members:thumbsup:
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  11. Yep! That’s the one. Had it modified slightly
    It works well for me

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  12. Dont bother, Got something like this in the glovebox

    As some know I do car recovery, in a small way :) I dont carry a spare on my sprinter just one of these. The local tyre bloke who supplies my tyres phoned me one day and said can I recover him as he had a puncture in his newish merc. He had someone with him so said sorry I cant ive got the 2 kids in with me and only 3 seats, turned out I had just past him in a local garden centre where he pulled in with a flat. I turned round and went back, saw the white gunge that comes with the car tyre repair kit running out the hole in the tyre. At least it marked the hole but nothing else. Popped a plug in and pumped it up and off he went. I carry a vw/audi pump that come supplied as standard, the Halfords etc ones are crap. Leave em in the shed. :)
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  13. Day

    Day Sponsor

    I'd be interested an an a frame one.
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  14. What ever you do don’t let @Barry Haynes get you in the spare wheel position o_O
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  15. its ted

    its ted Sponsor

    Been through this dilemma
    Front mounted spare wheel, deleted
    Rear bumper drop down bracket, never fitted as didn’t want to drill holes in my new stainless bumper
    Last option space saver in original spare wheel carrier
    If you want to try the rear bumper mounting option I still have it

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  16. Decided against a front mounted one. Anyone selling a rear mounted one??
  17. its ted

    its ted Sponsor

    I have an unused one for the rear bumper if that’s what you are after

  18. Sounds like what I'm after. Any pics please ted

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