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  1. i have until recently been carrying my spare on the roof. Not ideal if I do have to change it. I am actually considering putting on the front, is there something wrong with me?
  2. It's up to you if you want fit an ugly growth on the front of your bus ...each to there own ....i like the look of the front end without the tyre .

    Keep it on your roof . How often do you have a flat isn't convenient up there but if you can manage :)
  3. I think I might stick it in the back and just put it Under the van we when get to campsite. I want to carry a few things on the roof rack. My font panel is a little wavy , i think it had a bump with the spare on in the past
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  4. It is a shame they couldn't find a place underneath certainly no room's not brill wherever it's put .
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  5. Dicky's design for a front carrier is good. I plan to do something similar.
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  6. They look good on the front, but will bash your front panel in if you bump it parking. Room at the back in the "proper" spare wheel well?
  7. Ours lives in the well in the back stays there with the bed up . Enough room left for two but we do have full width and no cupboards.
    The rear bumper mounts that swing look better than the front mounts imho..
  8. [​IMG]
    It’s questionable whether I’d actually use it , because I would probably foam the puncture

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  9. Happy with mine on the front from an aesthetics point of view, but certainly if you do put it there make sure to get a mount that has little feet bolted to the bumper so that the weight is there rather than totally on the front panel.
    I think the mount @Dicky is getting/has now is definitely the best idea for the front.
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  10. I shamelessly copied the @Dicky mount for our front wheel. It's rock solid and if I ever choose to remove it I've not got holes drilled in the front panel to deal with.
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  11. Had mine on the front and had a new panel fitted, didn’t want to drill it so bought a rear carrier. Found that annoyed me so removed it and did without a spare for a while. Got all paranoid and started carrying it in the back, that was a complete pain so it’s back on the front lol. Made a carrier based on one Sandybay had on his from Australia and the prototype has been on there for years now. No hole in front panel but it is bolted to the bumper in two places and there’s s hole drilled in the air box cove vent thing! Got used to it being there and it doesn’t annoy me any more
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  12. that looks mint mate.
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  13. Having a mate with a 20 ton tube bender helps!
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  14. There is space underneath, look at the size of fresh and grey water tanks fitted under some vans. VW slung the Sharan spare underneath, with a little winch operated from the boot well, to lower it down when needed.
  15. I have bought 2 different front mounts and one rear mount, but somehow, don't like any of them. I do this.
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  16. We’re the same, our wheel is on the front. It’s ok, but in our opinion spoils the front, but where to store it? Ours is a Moonraker and we tried the back, looked awful plus it’s a faff to get to engine bay etc.

    I even bought a bluebird one as apposed to the Devon, same difference..

    We like the look of then A-line front bracket a’la Dicky and James but no one makes them.

    We could store inside, but have 2/4 length bed cushions covering spare wheel, so have to crumple this up, fold in half and it’s not satisfactory. So am thinking to store in a trailer when camping or get ourselves a slimmer, lighter sparesaver and put inside when just going out for a drive etc lol

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  17. I made one for mine...

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  18. My spare wheel should live under the front bench seat (it’s a non walk through model)

    However I usually keep my my packed lunch and some cycling gear in there as I don’t have a spare wheel.

    A spare wheel is on my list of things I need. Completely forgot to look for one at Volksworld.

    I’m riding my luck at the mo.

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  19. That looks identical to mine

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  20. I did make a about 8 of them and sold them via eBay a while back ...:chewie:
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