SORTED- FOUND - Original condition T2 - unrestored pls

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Mellow yellow, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. BOUGHT one!
    I know I'm looking for the ultimate, an unmolested, near original VW T2 westfalia or Devon moonraker

    I've seen a couple out there, i had originally been looking for a Devon caravette/devonette/tor state? (Can't be sure which, reversible bench seat with pop top roof) and lost out on 2 original condition T2s ( 1 owner and the other 2 owners from new )

    Im not keen on later Brazilian Danbury T2's with square roof, they seem to have rust problems, scabs on arches and seams and only a few years old!

    If you know of one, either tin top or one with pop top roof etc please let me know.

    I'm based in Kent

    Cheers and thanks for looking ;)

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  2. Flakey

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  3. Hi Flakey,

    Thank you for your reply, wow, have you been to see Barry's VW campers then?

    I sent an email and text Barry yesterday and just waiting on more details and photos!

    I have been looking for the last 18months, but a combination of distance and my unsocial job plus child care has hampered my search or even just securing a time to visit a great example such as Matts excellent original condition Danbury one on here. I'd hoped to see be able to see it today and bite his hand off for the full asking price, but got pipped to the post.

    I'm a mental health nurse with a busy crisis home treatment team, so if anyone does message me, apologies if I Don't reply straight away, I have to work shifts and don't get home till late or leave rather early too lol.

    Thanks for the pointer to Barry :) im hoping to get down there asap, work and child permitting lol :)
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  4. What's wrong with you two

    The bestest camper in the world is up for sale. Stop wasting time and buy mine.
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  5. Flakey

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    It's not what I'm after Andy :cool:
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  6. Is it because it's totally restored and there's nothing to do to it :(

    I understand :cool:
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    Yep, it's a great collection I'm sure you'll find what you're after.

    However , shiny ones weren't what I went to see, he has a few "projects" as well
  8. Merlin Cat

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    The pale green is lovely :)
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  9. Flakey

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    It is, Sally liked the T25 California hiding behind it best
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  10. I'll be calling Barry tomoz to see what rust free T2's he has within my price range of £15-16k.

    Id like to buy the most rust free example I can afford and keep her mint lol

    But still looking for the best rust free, unrestored early or late T2, Westfalia, Devon or Danbury tintop or pop-top roof please, cash waiting :) :thumbsup:
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  11. Rust free you said Have you seen my listing for my camper?
  12. Hi thanks yours is a nice t2 but I'm looking for a RHD unrestored one if poss.

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  13. Thanks mate, yeah it was kinda of tongue in cheek. Goodluck
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  14. The holy grail. A right hand drive that's never rusted and never been restored.

    A very rare beast indeed. I would have thought you'd be looking at an import. Surely all uk buses would have rusted or been restored by now. The SA buses are RHD aren't they ?
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  15. No it's because they want a late bay not an underpowered early as he states :):thumbsup:
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  16. @Lord Congi
    Early's are actually a lot lighter my 1600 has lots of power OG set-up
    That's why the type 4 engine was developed because of the extra weight on a late!
    On a serious note earlybays are better looking. You can't argue about that.
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  17. @Lord Congi
    Lates have more extra I can't argue with that?

    Legend has it that type4 engine come with a rear heated windscreen that was developed to keep you hands warm for pushing it onto the hard shoulder:confused:
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  18. I can, they're a bit dad's army for my liking :thumbsup:
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  19. They copied off the Skoda :thumbsup: ask @Merlin Cat
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  20. Met Barry and seen his VW collection, wow. What a genuine, honest and truly nice guy, honest as the day is long and full of help, words of advice to a novice like me and pointing me on what to look for, what to run away from and what to ask

    Looked at his early and later westfalia (rear raised) and his Moonrakers. Had always pref pop top roofs, but now I was left with more questions than answers, I seemed to have swayed from pop top Devon to the later Westfalia or dare I say it Moonraker!

    Anyone who views them won't be disappointed. Big thanks to Barry and wore Alex, chatting to us and showing us around.

    My search has changed and just need to sort my budget to look either for a late westfalia or Devon Moonraker or Viking etc :)
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