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  1. NO not PVA , new paint will just skid about on top and dry patchy , use watered down cheap matt emulsion.
  2. Are you moving far mate?
  3. To the dales
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  4. Cheers
  5. Exactly, dont do it. Pi##ed down emulsion is the answer.
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  6. How many coats ?
  7. .
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  8. One coat of weak emulsion then two full strength should do the trick, save money and use contract emulsion for new plaster rather than vinyl matt.
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  9. You just need it on there as a prime coat mate, it basically saves you money by stopping the first coat of paint soaking onto the plaster which is still porous.
    Roll on a good coat of 50/50 and you'll see what we mean, watch it soak in :)
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  10. Then tractor enamel over the top
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  11. So dont go to b and que then?
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  12. There's a Jewsons in the town center half way up on the left , better than the robbing b#######s in B and Q
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  14. Indeed
    Im sure its a move for the better so happy days
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  15. You will have to bring the mrs up and stay for a weekend once we have settled
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  16. Just checked. PVA is what you use on old plaster before skimming with fresh plater. Cheap watered down emulsion is fine. Also known as a "mist coat"
  17. How long is the rental agreement for?

    If its a year, and you can decorate and carpet for £600 then you have come out evens.
  18. it will look over the top ,half do it with willow weave wall paper..:thumbsup:
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  19. I sometimes ponder what @paradox might paint a tractor with were he to get one.
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  20. Farm gloss of course
    Enamel is too expensive to use on tractors

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