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  1. Got a call from an estate agent today
    Told us of a property they had managed to find just for us:thinking:

    £650 rent a month

    £925 bond
    Months rent plus £100 in advance
    Administation fee to the estate agents of £175 plus vat
    Refference acency fee of £45
    6 month contract with review after that

    No wonder ive heared people reffer to estate agents as appleers

    My old council house in shropshire was great as i had security with the amount of time i could stay
    We also within reason could make it our own home
    We had a patch of lawn a veg garden and i kept chickens

    Ive been to the local housing scheme office today and apparently the systems all changed now and seems quite good
    Ill be filling in the online forms tmw then i have to send a few documents off
    Then depending on how we fit into there need for housing band
    I get to note my interest or bid as they call it
    On propertys in the area i want from a selection of council,housing association and private landlords that work with them

    I can even have a property adapted to suit my needs
    Apparently claiming ocd doesent give me the chance to have a dedicated sanding and painting place:lol:
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  2. Best of luck with it, para :thumbsup:
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  3. Thx dude
  4. Hope you get something sorted soon :)
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  5. Cheers hunni:hug:

    Im sure we will
    Its not like last time where we had no notice
    For all the pains we have had living here the landlord has actually been a good egg and let us know before he put any wheels into motion
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  6. JamesLey

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    I know how much of a pain moving house can be. We've been down in Poole for just under 4 years and have had 3 rented places in that time. Last place the landlord wanted to sell so we had to find another, which was tricky as we have the pooch.
    Our current landlord is great, an ex-panel beater. He was telling us about his Austin 7 (1934), other half says we can't have one too!
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  7. Thanks for the reply
    Its nice to know its not just us this happens too its just the state of the world today
  8. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Housing prices are recovering, many people are selling and small landlords are bound to be among them.
  9. Not up this end

    Theres a vacum in the rental market
    Demand outstrips supply
    The private landlords are getting the mortgage paid and the estate agents take a massive amount of fees from both sides
  10. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Do you really think that you'll have a chance at a council house without being homeless first then?
  11. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    with 2 children he has more chance than not but who knows, should have stayed in the midlands..........
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  12. i was renting in Cornwall I had three possible properties ,i went to talk to each landlord ,the one property that i was not keen on was owned by a nice bloke he had another two rented house ,i decided to pick that one because i got the impression because it was his old family home he would sell it last if need be....

    It was next to a railway track and a not so nice area ,of course 5 years later at Christmas he told me he was selling :gnome:...

    I would still be there if that did not happen...

    Choose wisely my friend....:cool:
  13. sANDYbAY

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    Even if you buy a house you still can't guarantee how long you'll live there. Keeping a house can sometimes be as difficult as buying it in the first place. We rent out some houses in our town and have absolutely no plans to sell them. Our tenants can live there for as long as they pay the rent because that rental income will be our pension. That's the sort of landlord you want Para and one benefit of renting is that the landlord is responsible for all the boring expensive stuff like boilers and leaking roofs.
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  14. I was in the housing association office today waiting my turn
    I was there to hand in the references from our landlord

    There was a guy in front of me that when the lady at the desk told him they needed the paperwork they had asked for a month ago
    He picked up his booze busters carrier bag and emptied out a pile of random paperwork on the desk and said you lycheeing find what you want

    The women was so proffesional i was really impressed

    When i told the mrs about it when i picked her up she said i hope we dont have to live next to him:eek:

    He was an awfull bloke and was demanding top priority as he was in care when he was a kid
    He was 40-50 years old
    He refused to give his bankstatement saying they will just refuse him a house because he had too much money

    This is going to be an interesting new chapter in paralife
  15. Unlucky you married him...:D

    Good luck, but you should have sent the wife...:lol:
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  16. We got the letter today we had been accepted for the social housing scheme
    Weve been awarded bronze which is the lowest housing need

    We were able to log on tonight and see the selection of houses available to bid on
    Loads of one bed flats in york with nothing local
    There was a 3 bed house ten miles away but we are only allowed a 2 bed and that house had 40 odd bids allready:eek:
  17. Be safe in the knowledge it probably went to a family of career criminals, all on benefits and known to be nuisance neighbours! (That's the daily mail talking, not me!)
    You've got no chance mate as a nice law abiding family!
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  18. Private rent is still an option if an acceptable place that we can afford comes up localy
  19. That's what I mean. Social housing? May as well play the bloody lottery!
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