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  2. @Kevinthedog
    I was interested in it but they didn’t come back to me when I messaged them. Buy it :cool:
  3. John @NewtoVW
    has a build thread on here..
    A nice fella..:thumbsup:
    Lots of nice work has been done..:hattip:
  4. Hello all. Mrs newtovw here. The bus is still for sale. Having a few Internet problems here (devon) very hit and miss. Pictures don't seem to happen either. Apologies to anyone that has been trying to contact us.
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  5. Still for sale
  6. Hi, is this really still for sale? Please message me and give me some up to date details on it please. Would love to come over and have a look if possible?

    Cheers, simon
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  7. Have sent you a message simon.
    More than welcome to view.
  8. Email on its way Simon.
  9. redoxide

    redoxide Guest

    Did you re sell the Subaru kit you sold me and I sold back to you ?
  11. I still have the subaru parts.
  12. Hi John
    how's life down there..?
  13. Lovely.. So glad we took the plunge.
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  14. Still available but minus the engine.
  15. Now £500.00, need collecting by the end of april.
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  16. Put it on ebag...£500 starting bid...;)
  17. Will do if no one interested on here.
    How you doing art?
    John and lynn

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