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  1. Gutted to be selling,lots of work done to this..
    Anyway a few details.
    1973 VW t2 twin slider late bay project. The vehicle has had a new inner front valance. Outer front valance. Full front panel. Two front arches. New cab floor. Driver tub. Drivers side inner middle and outer sills. Passenger side inner and middle sill.outer needs welding. Drivers side rear wheel arch fitted. Passenger side supplied but not fitted. New drivers side rear quarter. Passenger side fitted but not welded in yet. New battery trays.New lower D posts. New rear inner and outer valance. Drivers side front chassis leg replaced. New out riggers. Top hats repaired. Front calipers fully refurbed. Comes with a Subaru legasy 2.0l n/a engine inc wiring harness ecu not fitted. 2 porsche tombstone sests that need upholstering. All glass and doors. Sliders need outer lower skins i have the inner lower panels. A few boxes of bits. Two steering wheels etc.The front beam is in parts and not fitted so not fully rolling.

    Located in north devon. Contact me here for phone details. £1250.
    Having trouble with photo bucket.. Old picture.

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  2. ☹️
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  4. Ill have it please:thumbsup:
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  5. subject to photos of course.
  6. You do know it's not a t25 gypsy don't you :)
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  7. Once he's got it on the road he'll be able to get some tarmac in it!!!
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  8. Your not planning on following with yellow lines are you :D
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  9. OUCH!
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  10. @crossy2112 Maybe not telling;)
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  11. @crossy2112 Must of sold it, that's ok. :thumbsup:

    instead looking at caravan to hookup to the Transit something to put the horse in:lol:
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  12. Was looking forward to hearing about the Pikey road trip :(
  13. @crossy2112 Yes i was looking forward was almost there with that until he wanted to be paid in Bitcoins or cash. idiot!
    Someone offered him lots more money........ and its still up for sale. luckily i didn't buy it.

    info i received down the line..... i won't.
  14. Wouldn't he go for the sovereigns :)
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  15. Still for sale.
  16. £1250.
  17. Poptop2

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    I am interested if you could send me picture's please.
  18. Poptop2

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    Pm me.
  19. Poptop2

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    Need some more pictures please bud. I am interested. I have pmed you.

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