*SOLD* 1973 t2b Bay Window Camper in BRISTOL **REDUCED**

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  1. The wording of that is a scam.
    Ignore them.

    Dear Eric,
    we are ready to buy the camper immediately.
    Please let us know if you can make a reservation for us and when can we come.
    We can pay in cash.
    Best regards
  2. I am interested to know what the scam is? fake money? rob the Van? last minute switch to paypal?
  3. Probably just fishing for account details/mail address etc
  4. There's so many on there at the minute it's becoming a waste of time even looking on eBay anymore. Ones just popped up today. A 1969 westy. Apparently mint. No reserve. £7k from an ebayer with no feedback. Zero transactions who joined eBay this year. It's got eight bids ffs.

    What I don't get is if someone wants a bay enough to bid on it then they must have some idea of what they sell for. How can one the best part of ten grand under priced not raise their suspicion?
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  6. So after all that It turns out I was being too cynical.
    was an honest buyer, paid in cash, no problems.

    Poppy's is off to her new home in the czech republic (long drive ahead). Hopefully to be enjoyed and loved by he new family.

    all very emotional in our house tonight.
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  7. I'd get emotional if someone gave me wads of cash as well. :)
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  8. Was the ink dry on the cash? ;)
  9. I didn't even touch it, went straight into the bank. :thumbsup:
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