*SOLD* 1973 t2b Bay Window Camper in BRISTOL **REDUCED**

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  1. 1973 T2 Camper, 1700 cc type IV motor,Twin Dellorto Carbs, £12000

    Riviera Pop top (sleeps 2 kids), late westy interior with sink, stove, cool box, 3/4 rock’n’roll bed downstairs (sleeps 2 adults) with plenty of storage and cubby holes.

    Original late Westy Stove/ sink combo.
    240V electric hookup.
    Leisure Battery (powers stereo, 12V power sockets, interior light, Sink pump).
    3 point retractable seat belt fitted to the rear for child seat.
    remote control pioneer stereo.
    new front door cards (TMI)
    Recent rear brake rebuild,
    New tyres last year,
    New exhaust (2 years ago),
    New clutch,
    some body work professionally taken care of 3 years ago.
    Fully undersealed,
    recent MOT with no issues/advisories (June 2016),
    Just had a full carb rebuild/tune up and been on a rolling road for a full health check (93BHP!!)

    Included in sale:
    Kyham XC driveaway Awning/tent
    Kelty carport Awning
    original static seatbelts from front (I fitted retractable ones a few years back)
    Shiny shiny hubcaps
    assorted spares

    Bought in 2006 when I was living in the USA and shipped back in 2007. Been in regular (weekly if not daily) use since and been the most reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    Full service history, and I mean FULL. I have a folder of receipts/invoices detailing what appears to be every single penny/cent ever spent on this bus right from 1st purchase (I am the 3rd Owner). From tyre changes to windscreen wipers to dealer services and a new engine install in 1992.

    This is a very honest, very solid bus although there are some minor rust spots in the usual areas. (wheel arches etc)

    If was keeping it I would consider recovering the interior seats (although it still has original Westy Plaid coverings with no rips/tears)

    Please contact me for more pictures or with any questions you may have. Open to reasonable offers.

    (located in Bristol)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Contact details & price needed as per our rules.
    All threads need
    • a price
    • a location
    • a photo
    • some form of contact details
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    • no vehicle sales without a v5 or equivilent
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    Theres a price on the first line.
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    So there is................:oops:
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  5. Sorry,
    Contact me (eric ) at 07837282666
    I'm in Bristol
    V5 all present and correct
    have the photos appeared? some of them just say "loading" not sure what to do....

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    I can see them :thumbsup:
  7. So, Some advice if maybe someone can answer this question?

    I've had a response for my Van for sale ad on a different site, it goes like this:

    "Dear Eric,
    we are ready to buy the camper immediately.
    Please let us know if you can make a reservation for us and when can we come.
    We can pay in cash.
    Best regards,"

    This seems fishy as:
    a) the guy is not in the UK (Czech republic I think)
    b) He asked no questions about the van, further photos etc

    but, no paypal scam (as yet), cash, on the face of it seems the best option.
    I suspect this will go along and he will switch to wanting to make a paypal pament or similar at which point I will tell him to feck off.

    or am I too cynical?
    Something stinks, but I can't quite place it.

    Any thoughts?

  8. They might turn up mob handed & make off with your pride & joy. Ask for a large deposit prior to the appointment.
  9. well was planning to meet somewhere quite public, if it actually happens.
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  10. you can sell your van to whoever you wish or not as the case may be, Its your van and you have no obligation to sell it to anyone. sounds to me he is just wanting to arrange a viewing and asking if payment in cash would be acceptable to you. He hasn't seen your van yet and may be interested or not. Perhaps the weak pound sterling may make it a good time to buy from here.

    is there a particular reason you are suspicious?
  11. You are, or may be, dealing with a large sum of money. I would be very wary meeting strangers anywhere. Few big mates may be in order?!
  12. In subsequent emails he has said he's not in the UK, his email address suggests Czech republic. I would have assumed there is a greater number of busses for sale in Czech republic or Germany at a better price?
    I guess perhaps something has been lost in translation but he seems a little too keen without even asking any questions about it or asking for more photos.
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  13. it is clearly worrying you and your gut feeling is not good. I would be suspicious myself. plenty of other buyers out there. tell him you have decided to keep the van.
  14. where? can you give them my number? ;)
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  15. if in doubt DONT
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  16. What he said, the email reads as scam language, may even just wanted your email address.
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  17. Watch out for them paying in cash - plenty of fake notes out there. I paid for mine in cash - but the seller insisted on going to a bank and being there when I paid it in. Then the bank can check for fakes - and once paid in it is the banks loss
  18. pay in duddleybops the bank take s them lol
  19. I had loads of dodgy emails like that when selling my T5 recently
    I nearly got sucked in until I mentioned to a mate that happens to be a car trader , he told me to wise up !

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  20. Thanks all for your comments,
    something certainly feels odd about it.

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