Soapbox racer build for the Eastnor Castle show. (Redbullwho)

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  1. They were top blokes, ferried all the cats and racers back upto the top nice and safe, it would have been a hellish walk/push
  2. I've found another video on you tube:

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  3. Bit slow!
  4. And no crash
  5. All in all, not as exciting as yours!
  6. Razzyh

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    What happened to your original video?
  7. I finally figured out how to upload it to Facebook last night
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    Don't do faceache can you repost on here
  9. I genuinely don't know if I can. All a bit technical for me
  10. I've been trying, but just can't figure it out
  11. We're not quite done with building just yet.

    Now we're back and recovered, I realised I'd given absolutely no consideration at all to where I was going to put it.

    A brief discussion followed and I'm allowed to use the inside of the workshop wall :) (thanks Jeff)

    Chris arrived with this lovely looking bracket to bolt to the wall and with the addition of a pulley and some rope I'll be able to hoist it up out of the way.

    Plus it'll make an interesting talking point for our customers


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  12. Forgot to post this ages ago, the logs now stowed away for the winter

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  13. hi beav did you see them mimiceerrrz on dave this afternoon :eek: not a patch on you :thumbsup:
  14. Hey Barney,

    Very kind of you to say, Sadly I didn't see it, mother has had control of the TV over christmas
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  15. cant you dope her :D
  16. Haha, not a lot of point now, we're heading home in the morning
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    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Blooming pretenders!!! :rolleyes:

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