Soapbox racer build for the Eastnor Castle show. (Redbullwho)

Discussion in 'Shows Events You've Missed unless you went' started by Beaver, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. philntfc

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    Very true of course, that's where you need a couple of the biggest, strongest pushers at the top. The faster you can start accelerating the faster you will be going at the bottom. Did you see the Guy Martin programme a while ago, he did something similar and kept adding bottles of water as ballast. The more he piled in, the faster he ended up going.*

    *Until he had a huge crash, but we'll not worry about such details;)
  2. Yep, loved that programme,
  3. philntfc

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    Excuse the random multiple posts, my phone signals a bit erratic!
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  4. Top bit of mancave bodgery!
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  5. CollyP

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    Hey beev - any idea what time you will be racing?

    I want to come and watch / push but hate getting up!!!! :)

    I could only get there late Friday so would stay at a mates hoose in Chelters.

    Should I stay the weekend? Is it a good show? Not bringing the van, just the awning :)
  6. Definitely come for the weekend, it was a cracking show last year. I think the racing is on for bits of both days but I don't know times etc
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  7. Just had my first drive :)
  8. And? And?! AND?!
  9. And it works
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  10. Hurrah!
  11. CollyP

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    have you got a camera for da log?
  12. Faux pro is on charge right now
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  13. paradox

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    Glad you have carried on since your red bull knock back
    Next year im sure the late bay membership can help you out with an application that cant be turned down
    If it does then we will line up to ******* through the letterbox
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  14. Almost ready for the off

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  15. CollyP

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    Roit Beavmeister, quel heur decende vous les 'ill.

    Je suis en Chelten'um :)
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  16. Have fun everyone !!!
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  17. Merlin Cat

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    Buen suerte!!! That is only absolutely fabulous awesome :) I think it should be featured on the front cover of Soapbox Racer News, or some such mag. Red Bull have missed a stunner on a par with IBM and Microsoft
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  18. Poptop2

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    Good luck Beaver. :)
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