So I'm into other cars (other than old VW's) what other Vehicles do you own?

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  1. it has gone a long way indeed!! although the RX above has a welded diff, chopped springs and a hydro handbrake.. and thats pretty much it :thumbsup:
    cheap, easy and fun.. the way i like life!
  2. Cant beat a welded diff, to reliable not to do it
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  3. The thing with drifting is its too expensive to join in nowadays

    I used to be very involed with the cruising and streetracing scene in the midlands
    Yes it was unlawfull at times and dangerous at others

    However drifting came across for our american cousins and wa an instant success
    It was a succses however with those interested in self built cars to nail around honing there skills on industrial estates late at night

    Welded diffs and cutting weight out of the car were the first steps and two or more cars got written of learning
    It didnt matter as these were £300 - £500 cars and the engine was worth £400
    Nowadays its gone like all the good stuff in life and its commercial buisneses that run the scene
  4. I did it in 2 Nissan Silvia turbos, it got to a point where I was spending silly amounts breaking a car and bank account drifting. I quit, bought the Camper.

    Scene tax has killed joining in most sports, same with the aircooled DUB scene, campers/beetles etc are around, lots of them about but cost too much to buy.
    I often wonder what I would be able to afford if I sold the Bay.
  5. Been a while, Just bumping this back up!
    I bought another old truck from the scrapper. bigF.jpg
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  6. Moons

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    I have the van, an Audi A3 Tdi, an '88 Golf Gti and a Honda Blackbird.

    Approx 50% of the above work at any one time.
  7. Terrordales

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    What is it, Dodge, International or Chev?
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  8. I love it how you say just bought a truck from the scrappers. 9 out off 10 cars over here are just that scrap.
    Watching some USA car program's when they refer to major rust, we just drool over here thinking that's just surface rust.
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  9. 76 bay panel
    86 Mk1 Caddy
    Mk2 Polo breadvan (mine but bought for my mrs....couldn't stand the thought of going out with a peugeot driver lol)
  10. Collection is quite boring compared to others on here

    I only seem to dive the T5 the others two have only come out off the garage once this year. For the mot.
  11. Now this is a work hack...

    Looks ok from the outside


    Inside with no rear seats...


    Used and abused...:p
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    That sounds like me
  13. Sorry, It's a 1955 Ford F600 all I kept was the cab & front fenders.
  14. Holy Hell it seems like a life time since I looked at this thread,( I've sold both of the Ford Trucks) I'll bump this back up to the top with our newest rescue... 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  15. [​IMG]

    this and am 90 % through a fiat 500 also have a 131
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  16. I've have this..
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  17. I have 2 minis. A '67 mark 2 and a '80 clubman estate. I've also got a '86 Honda VFR400 NC21
  18. I've recently got a new daily run about

  19. [​IMG][​IMG]
  20. Finally got it running.


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