So I'm into other cars (other than old VW's) what other Vehicles do you own?

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  1. Another hairdressers car according to my mates.

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    Flakey I love those Alvis' (Alvii ? )
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  3. Like Owen, my daily is an Elise (S1 though):


    Also have this, '66 mini van:





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    Work hack
  5. This my daily had it for about 5 years now and love it to bits the Missus hates it though! :D Mk3 coupe polo with a few mod's ;)

    And the Missus car
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  6. Funny that, isn't it? My wife used to hate my modified polo too. "It's too low and it's too bouncy." Mind you, it did used to go wrong an awful lot......

    This was it in it's heyday, before I neglected it and finally got rid of it:

    Now got a boggo standard Seat Ibiza that is so ordinary it isn't even worth showing you a photo.......
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  7. Yea sounds familiar! Mine is "its too low" or "it's too noisy" haha :D you know you could always g40 the seat with a turbo conversion hehe ;)
  8. Forget the G40, in terms of going wrong lots and being tempramental, the G-lader supercharger is in a league of it's own..... the engine bay on an Ibiza (unlike the polo) is big enough to accommodate a 20vt conversion or even a VR6 if I was so inclined. :D
  9. I was thinking of turboing my "spare" engine I have but I don't think her indoors would like me spending that sort of money on mine :( yea do it you have a scooby van now I think you should 1.8t the seat ;)
  10. My Daily is a Kawasaki ZX6R but don't have any photos, these are my toys.
    Jaguar S type

    1925 Rover 9/20


    1975 Triumph Bonneville t120v

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  11. Super toys you've got. Love the Bonneville.
  12. Thanks Snotty, the Bonnie is one of only 38 t120v's to be registered in 1975 and it is also one of the Triumph lock in bikes released during the strike of 73-74 by the Triumph workers. I see it as a great part of British motorcycle history even if it represents some of it's darker days.
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  13. we have 1973 microbus (restoring), 1993 suzuki samarai off roader (modifying), land rover freelander (daily ride) and kawasaki zx12r (fun and exhileration oh! and sheer speed :D
  14. Some very cool toys, I find funny to see what names you folk in the U.K have for the same Vehicles we have Baybug's Jeep~ here it's a Jeep liberty & a Jeep Cherokee is the bigger bother,(we have a 1998) Keep them coming! The other only other references to U.K auto models is through Top Gear.:thumbsup:
  15. What you would call a Jeep Cherokee, we would call a Jeep Grand Cherokee. ;)
  16. On my Aprilia in Spain

    My daily (with slightly less snow than is currently on the drive
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  17. Just got VWs at the moment.
    My 1988 caravelle:

    My 1970 beetle:

    Would love to own a 40's or 50's chevy or Ford CoE truck but theres about as much luck as that happening s finding Lord Lucan sitting down your local drinking a pint of old peculier and eating a packet of Nobby's Nuts.:(
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    has he had the black beetle back alvis for a while ? I did some work on a black beetle back a couple of years ago, I made the rear tonneux front wings and the louvred side panels and some gravel guards for the rear wings... I dont know what the reg was though, just wondered if this could have been the same car, there cant be that many of them ... its a great looking vintage car..
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    jeep cherokee sport

    mini cooper ( wifes)

    peugeot 304s convertible ( wifes) ( Cant find picture file so posted a random IMG_1216.JPG IMG_1207.JPG IMG_3530.JPG IMG_4753.JPG 1973_peugeot_304_s_cabriolet_01_sb.jpg pic of a 304s )

    1970 Karmann Ghia

    1970 Variant squareback

    1974 Vw Camper

    remains of 1973 Variant fastback
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