So I'm into other cars (other than old VW's) what other Vehicles do you own?

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  1. So I'm into other cars (other than old VW's) what other Vehicles do you own? post some shots,o_O
    I beleive there was another thread about this but i couldn't find it:( I have way too many projects {?} i bounce from thing to another thanks to A.D.D! I would post a bunch of photos, but i will share some links to mine..(Remember I'm in the states)
    1. my 1953 Ford F100.

    2. My 1949 Hudson Commador. (Belong to my Grand Mother who passed in 1958) and i'm in no real hurry to finish,it will be done when it's done.:rolleyes: hudson

    3.My 1973 Honda chopper. bike

    So show me (Us) your other toys! And don't be afraid to ask questions about mine ~ Because i'll ask about yours!
  2. 73 devon (wife`s)
    73 crewcab (mine)
    84 t25 panel van (just sold to son in law)
    98 t4 (converting to camper to sell)
    04 t5 (selling.....hideous no character)
    94 golf td (work hack)
    99 golf cabrio (wife`s)
    95 impreza wrx(donor for crewcab)

    my neighbours love me
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  3. Vet 4 the insane:: pictures?
    73 devon (wife`s)
    73 crewcab (mine)
  4. WOW! i love your rides! that hudson is huuuge! Its the same as "Doc" in the Disney Film Cars! sooo coool!

    Im a big fan of big American vehicles, I'd love to see the build threads on the Hudson and the 53 Ford when you start them!


  5. I was planning on starting on the truck this weekend but the snow had ideas!:mad: the truck will be nothing fancy just a work truck to haul stuff, The Hudson is a life long love affair took 30+ years to get it from my Grandpa-it sat in his back shed since the early 60's. it will be done like a mid 50's high school custom{very like to change the looks} just updating the running gear [engine,trans,brakes]
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG]scooby & golf td are a bit like Sally Gunnell...........................ugly but runners & the t4 is at workshop prep`d for paint.
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  7. yeah, thats a good idea, keep it fairly true but with subtle mods, those photoshop jobbies look real good, you based in the UK then?

  8. loving that twin cab!!
  9. No,in the U.S -Colorado
  10. Love that crew cab, v4insane. Just the right amount of scruffiness :)
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  11. We did always have vw but the wife wanted something with a bit more power than are me 4 golf 1.4 plus we needed to tow so now have a jeep cherokee 2.5 td great in he snow this was taken last time it snowed other than that we have the camper and my work van I got rid of my beetle and mk1 golf :( [​IMG]
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  12. I love old cars and have wasted thousands honing my roadside repair skills over the years. Now I try to be sensible and the Mrs stops me from getting too many classics. We have a couple of boring cars, a Toyota Previa and a Skoda Fabia, both over 10 years old and with 150k and 130k on the clock respectively.

    My daily is a 2008 Lotus Elise, as long as I don't need to transport more than 1 child:


    My bike is a 1976 BMW R90/6:


    If I had more time / space / money, I would have more cars and bikes.
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  13. Was your Grandmother called Miss Daisy Damagedduck?
  14. Flakey

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    Ok so these aren't actually mine,they're my father in laws but I do get to drive them regularly!

  15. That Mitsubishi's a bit special.
  16. Mmmm, lovely. Love old Bimmer bikes.
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  17. as your in the states....

    i have my 1973 dodge dart sport,[a demon in disguise ]



    im afraid its in parts undergoing a resto at the moment..
  18. Poptop2

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    Not quite a classed as a classic yet but it will be , Colin Chapman finalised the design because it was based on his Lotus Elan - the early one's may be already - we have this Eunos 1600 .

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  19. photo-20.jpg

    I know.......a bit of a hairdressers car !! :p
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