Sitting rotting on driveways

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Flakey, Mar 22, 2023.

  1. Ozziedog

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    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,those bays don’t do anything very fast :)
  2. Rust...?
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  3. rstucke

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    do you have kangaroo's?
  4. JamesLey

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    Somerset badgers will give you a nasty nip!
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  5. Bull bar
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  6. rstucke

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    I doubt a kombi would survive a bull
    better name is a Roo bar here
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  7. I found one on eBay eventually after years of looking
    Then chopped it up and toned it down a bit
  8. Marty SmartyCat

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    In the woods in the Lake District
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  9. Milky

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    Is that a Riley Pathfinder ?
  10. Marty SmartyCat

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    Think it's a Moggy
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  11. Milky

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    I think you are right . Looks longer with no wheels and sat in the soil.
  12. rstucke

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    that's a keeper
  13. There is/was a classic VW shop in inner west Sydney. I bought a beetle there in 1991 and the shop was old then. Reckon he has been there since early 70’s?
    The owner built a lot of cars that competed in Targa Tasmania in the 80’s and 90’s.
    Know some people that worked there or have one of his motors.
    “Apparently” he is still there.
    Bloke that built my motor use to deal with him when he was in Sydney
    The boat is one of those concrete hulls.
    Never moved in the time I have known

    4D3A5972-5884-41C6-A503-2A656586B324.jpeg 08ED75E4-F94E-4863-B526-46862A42F3C3.jpeg
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  14. is that the place on victoria rd Ryde ?
  15. yes - Gladesville

    Brings back memories?
  16. Flakey

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    Nicked off fb but a good test for you


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  17. scrooge95

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    My parents VW Golf Mk4 Estate was (until yesterday) sitting slowly becoming at one with the hedge, on their driveway. It's now sitting doing slightly less rotting on my driveway instead.
    They're old and don't need it, and it's worth very little on an 02 plate, but I can't bear to see it rot away to nothing, even if it has developed a nice healthy selection of moss and lichen.
    The outside is slowly being scrubbed, but I can only face one panel at a time.
    It's rather boring inside, but at least it's clean and smells better now - although three of the doors don't work, and there's a pond in the rear passenger foot well.
    Might be fun to see if I can fix a few things.....
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  18. Razzyh

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    What… I read all that (not much granted) and then expected to see several pictures!

    Common Sarah, you can do better.
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  19. Faust

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    An old 3 wheeler reliant ?
  20. Flakey

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    Not quite!
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