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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Moons, Nov 27, 2020.

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    So had Johnny Wilkinson turned up with Ampthill RFC, would he have won a world cup?

    If his team mate was all over him each year, fair enough.
  2. Was told by a rally driver, after I went on a course, that I had a bit of talent and needed to continue. Unfortunately I had no sugar daddy willing to pay for it.
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    I can see people's point - but I don't think his old man was that well off, just worked hard.

    But how does that separate him from many other sports e.g. New Zealand get their Islanders through posh school scholarships, same in England and Ireland. Rowing, yachting, Tennis - all only accessible if you have money to join a club, same for Golf.

    In fact - I suspect only Soccer and Rugby (in Wales) and Rugby League are available to all - everything else needs money to progress.
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  4. I don't think he came from money and he and his dad had to work hard to gain sponsorship and McLaren's support. Much the same as other sport I guess. He wouldn't have got as far if he hadn't continued to work hard and demonstrate himself to be the best. "The best drivers end up in the best cars"

    I think he's done as much as Andy Murray, Bradley Wiggins and a number of other sport stars, so should arguably be treated the same - indeed, that is his current stand point on political issues!!

    He did clarify his tax affairs in an interview a while back. His main home is wherever and he pays domestic tax there; he pays domestic taxes wherever his other homes are. He pays a form of income tax in the countries he races, possibly not of his choosing, but them's the rules. He stated he does pay some UK tax reflective of earnings here, apparently.

    His tax affairs are more than likely a clean as every other millionaire who has been knighted, so he should be treated on an equal basis!

    I'd give it to him. But who am I to judge, I think I deserve one for far less acheivement!
  5. As a racing driver, he’s great! As a person, he’s an idiot!
    What about all this Black Life Matters, he harps on about?
    The guy loves doing adverts for firms like Hugo Boss... Hang on, Didnt Hugo Boss, design and make the Nazi uniforms, for the SS and Gestapo?
    And what did they end up doing?
    Oh, hang on...
    “Don’t mention the war”.
    I got banned last time...
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  6. :eek:
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    Imagine being very high profile black person back in the times of the Civil Rights movement, but you did nothing. What would you answer when they asked 'where were you'?

    I see no issue with anyone wanting to support that movement if they chose - at least they stand for something. I agree it is all a bit of a mystery for the UK, as the UK is not the US in that subject area.
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  8. My dad died when I was 19 and had been ill for 10years so not much possibility of him working hard to put me through anything.
  9. BLM is a neo Marxist organisation. Probably started off with good intensions but has been hijacked by some very unsavoury people.
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  10. Is that you Donald?
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  11. I liked Hamilton up until a few years ago when he started getting neck tats , hanging out with the American rap lot and going all gangsta - he's even got the fake jive clipped accent now..
    That aside he's obviously one of the best drivers out there but his success is 100% a team effort , they're the best team and have been so for many years ...
    He didn't come from money and wasn't a spoiled brat , his dad held down 3 jobs to keep Lewis in karting where he was spotted and given the backing of the Mercedes junior academy , Shameful really that he distanced his dad as manager when success came along . His championing the lame BLM cause has been the last straw for me , I'd like to think the other drivers had a choice of joining in the pre race 'acknowledgement' but I doubt anyone had the balls to make a stand - too much at stake ...

    I'm against Sir Lewis , mainly because he's become a bit of a cock ...

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  12. Don't really care to much about it ...all i know is i would personally find it embarrassing to be titled SIR
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  13. ^this
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  14. I agree, it can be embarrassing at times. My official title is Lord of Hougun Manor which I don't talk about very often as it can make people uncomfortable being in the presence of their superiors.
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  15. I quite like The bloke,
    he might not even like to be a Sir
    Perhaps he doesn’t
    Has he been granted this yet?:thinking:
  16. He has an MBE these sort of people like their medals and titles to feel important.
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  17. No offence / judgement intended in my previous post.
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  18. Irrespective of his tax affairs, racial preferences, residency and accent, what he has done is put Britain at the top of the F1 tree. Like winning the rugby world cup or the tour de France or olympic gold or any other sporting achievement which puts Britain ahead. It's not about the man or woman, it's about Britain's world profile. Like him or hate him, he did it so he deserves it.
  19. I didn’t know that
    I just know that the Matey drives a racing car
    I heard him talking on R4 the other day
    Didn’t strike me as anymore important as anyone else really
    But if being a Sir ,
    I wouldn’t think that makes any difference these days
    I think Most Rich people are full of p and importance anyway Nipper :)
  20. It’s a no from me.

    he’s a bellend. End of.
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