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  1. I had one... it lasted about 2 weeks... :S now just a few faint dots... IMG_20130917_163913.jpg
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  2. why it it called a tat too?
  3. Here's one of mine, inspired by my love of nature, I have another one of the green man on the other arm.
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  4. I believe it comes from the sound the old hand tapped tools used to make when the hit the skin :)
  5. so like tat wooooo that smarts sorta fing :D
  6. Here's mine:

    Old and faded now, should really get it redone and added to along with my kids names
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  7. [​IMG]

    My interpretation of our family crest
  8. image.jpg
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  9. This was done a couple of weeks back looks better now , not the best of photos ....
  10. tattoo.jpg work in progress, although I've kinda run out of money for it ;)
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  11. [​IMG]

    My Father who past away Dec 2013.As you can see , he was a shepherd and just loved being outside.
  12. ^^^ Its not quite finished there,since then i have had roses and clouds added...
  13. Here's a few of mine. Yes, I like Star Wars. IMG_2883.JPG IMG_2884.JPG IMG_2885.JPG IMG_2886.JPG IMG_2887.JPG IMG_2888.JPG IMG_2889.JPG IMG_2890.JPG

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  14. Colour to be added later , also gave a small VW on my wrist (sad I know ....after all it's just a van) ;) image.jpg
  15. Been at it again , biggest tattoo yet has commenced (of mine) , two hours and the outline is done ....I now proudly sport ivy leaves up my back and left arm ....only been planning it for 22 years roight chuffed !
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  17. I don't speak fluent TLB only just getting used to the lingo after 2 years ....persuming it has something to do with pictures , there will be some on farcebook , I will put an arm one on here once husband type person csn be drawn away from the 'live' episode of eastenders :(
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  18. sport ivy takes 22years would that be old sport :D , is it green row ?
  19. Not yet just the outline is black and grey , it will be filled im with green shading and a vine going take some time plus he is off to india for a time so have to wait till he gets back :(

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