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  1. [​IMG]

    Done :)
  2. You'll never get lost again :)
  4. here's mine,
    both my kids names.
    My BMX ride till death one,
    Penny farthing with rocket on his back!! Loved this one when I first seen it so had to have it, and where better then the forearm.
    I've got a few others too, A robot on my bi-cep, a crap one from when I was 17 thats being blended in and made better and my surname on my lower back.
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  5. for anyone who is interested .... this is a little clip of my new one being done by hand last week .... took 2 hrs to do - dot by dot by dot ...

    New ink - done by hand
  6. [​IMG]

    My new one hehe

    Hello everyone xx
  8. As much as i like tattoo's it never really appealed to me, but the wife has about 8 in various places >:D
  10. heres a few of mine. Have quite a lot ;D Some are getting on a bit now but i still like them..



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  11. Im Covered Heres one of Me on My Ass

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  12. heres my latest - its a poppy - photo isnt the best but in the flesh its a lovel tattoo - about 6 weeks old now - on the bend of my elbow underneath my bird and geisha (earlier in thread)
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  13. working on my sleeve atm, 5th sitting down and lots of colour ;)

    sorry for poor pics, will get some better ones ;)


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  14. This is mine, my first tattoo ever! Had it done whilst out on my trip in Aus :) Got lots more planned now, one of which is a half sleeve incorporating a phoenix on my right arm. Just need to save up... IMG_1358.jpg IMG_1430.jpg
  15. Best add me to the list now!

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  16. I got a little one done on the day of our wedding :)



    The good lady wife bottled it!!
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