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  1. What with all this footwear talk recently... and I’m bored in another waiting room.

    Classic Levi’s and converse combo for me today [​IMG]
  2. image.jpg
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  3. WP_20190405_18_03_29_Pro.jpg Just popped in from garage, not very becoming.
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  5. but practical and comfy :thumbsup:
  6. ooh, classic oxford brogues - very swish. leather soles? do they squeak when you walk?
  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]


    You asked!
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    Like pampers apparently
  11. [​IMG]sweaty gym shoes

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  12. Na. Dainite soles innit.
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  13. Favourite Levi’s and dealer boots :)[​IMG]
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  14. Jaspa conran’s :D

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  15. you're in the living room, aren't you barn? :D
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  16. Yeh neighbours have their binoculars out :eek:
  17. :eek:
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  18. D3D11E5D-719B-475E-99B2-FEA42EE48432.jpeg

    Am off out with the daughter. She was complaining that she looked scruffy in comparison so I ditched the brown brogues for white converse.
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  19. I thought you was gona say you ditched the pants foR commando :eek:
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