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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soggz, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. You been looking again Owen :eek:
  2. Used to be until 5 years ago , dales were my playground

    Now in 'that London' - miss home !!

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  3. Sure is

    Brings life to the forum
  4. Daft bugger I know that

    I meant are you up whilst pony’s dragging me down moist dark holes ?
  5. Eewww London I don’t
    Don’t how you cope
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  6. One of my favourite spots :)

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  7. Did the dog take that photo...:thinking:
  8. dogging..?
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  9. Lucky your Go Pro wasn't grabbed leaving it laying around like that :D
  10. That would be telling........

  11. Hmmmm....:thinking:
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  12. Read thread Col beat you too it o_O
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  13. Fortunately not

    London's 'different' but you sort of live with it ,
    miss the wide open spaces though ...

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  14. I still need to get to this Northern Bolthole, on my own or with a meetup. :)
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  15. One full set cobbled! Light fitting a bit tricky but have used w
    Caught a few out the back of the van there.
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  16. Don't you find wide open spaces in the average Cockney's head?:D
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  17. I could not possibly comment on such a sweeping statement ...

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  19. Oi @Barry Haynes theyre talking about you!!!
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  20. Oi!! Shush!!

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