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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soggz, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Was parked in the same spot in September.
    Also spent the odd night there after a late ferry over.

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  2. Perranporth beach is my favourite beach in Cornwall too
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  3. Northern bolt hole - field behind a pub [​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Day

    Day Sponsor

    I used to surf there.....
    Nice spot
  5. This is where I like to go . . .
    . . . and it's only 200 yards from home!
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  6. Bridport?
  7. Anywhere ont moors, fells, mountains, haggs, carrs, mosses, cwms crags cliffs, scars and scaurs . Get onto tops and the soul sings sweeter than the highest skylarks . Tbh getting out of the house and town is enough . Rivers lakes and the sea are all there on the list too.
    A day indoors is a day in he'll. Big time.
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  8. The water looks 'nice'... That's where my avatar pic was taken...
  9. Me and Para gonna be about a mile downstream of the bottom piccie
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  10. Excellent !!
    Pop in for a post-pot pint and say hello to Malc

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  11. Will do most deffo! Top or bottom Crown?
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  13. Top , no camping field at the bottom..

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  14. How Stean next to the sheds yeah.
    Actually, may be able to cobble together another set of caving gear.

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  15. Ah right - forgot about that un as I normally bimble past without giving it a second thought ...

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  16. Don't get too excited - I'll stand at the top and hurl abuse .
    Done it once and hated everything about being underground, just not my cuppa !

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  17. I couldn’t agree more

    There’s a magic about it that can’t be put into words

    It can be testing it can be uncomfortable it can put you outside of your comfort zone.

    But ultimately it’s rewarding it’s healthy for body and mind and I always find even though I maybe physically exhausted
    My life feels reset.
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  18. Another few hours of looking at your arse by lamplight
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  19. You up North?
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  20. cracks good to night
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