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  1. ???? I meant the radio Ken ! Is it a DAB radio.
    ^^^whs but then I had a look at your website so I can see why the interior looks so smart.
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    i knew what you meant i said no and didnt mean a dab hand:)
  3. Lofty,
    I dont think you can get the original arbrite laminate that is used on the cabinets, but you can get a Fablon that is a very close match and about a tenner a roll from b&q or wilkinson etc
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  4. Just fitted up an interior I got from Kustom Interiors, we bought the van with nothing inside so was a blank canvas. Just have to modify the 3/4 rock and roll to move it to fit the left hand side of the van.



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  5. Thanks for that Bertie, I'll check out those shops.
  6. Hi Davidoft
    I'm sorry but I haven't got any pics of the construction of the toilet box but it was quite straight forward.
    When I get a chance I'll take some pics of the inside , underneath, hinge etc
    Then give me a call or I can pm you some tips, tools used etc
    Lee ImageUploadedByTapatalk1362947422.880193.jpg
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    Cheers dude, measurements of the box would be useful :) . I keep toying with buying the westy repro one, but I'm sure the laminate isn't quite the same and it is around £300 :eek:
  8. No probs Lofty
    Yes, we restored all of the interior buying panels, material, trim, cabinets etc when ever they came up and were in budget , then we stripped off the best bits and made up the best og interior we could..... It had to be original, the best we could get.... It took a few years of constant late night eBay/ thesamba searching
    .... The spare wheel cover came from Canada!!!... But it was worth it ImageUploadedByTapatalk1362947930.613642.jpg
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  9. Davidoft
    It will depend on your portapotti size, you'll need to work from the dimensions of that. Just make sure you have ample room to get it in and out of the box.
  10. This is the first shot of my nearly finished interior. Still loads to do but it's taking shape.

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  11. i don't know why my roof is so low?:( everyone seems to have loads of space above their head when sat on the r n r bed...mines so low!? you nearly bang your head on it!
  12. It's not the roof chuck, it's the bed, everybody's roof is in the same place. :thumbsup: Loads of room in seat mode, but when mine's made into a bed I bang my head from the neck up. Might also depend how thick your foam is.
  13. Mines the other way round loads of room whilst sat downstairs but its a squeeze in the pop top

    Pauls going to rectify the balls up that the someone previous made of the top bed as its presently sat on top of the tintop roof
  14. thanks it just seems really low... i cant suss it out...i know it is lower though as the guy who did my interior had to chop the top clocker as the ones he usually fits wouldnt fit? you can have a nosy at tekenders and tell me what the deal is.. i wouldnt expect and diff from my van as its completely higgldy piggldy... x
  15. i think it is the bed too though as it does seem pretty high and have fairly thick foam too...hmmm something to think about...
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    Have you got one of those shallow drawers under the rear cushion? The r&r bed will be raised a bit to make it flat when it's in bed mode!
  17. nope no drawer... :S
  18. Davidoft, there's one on eBay at the mo, starting at £99? God knows why. I have the original and it's not even half as practical as Berts.
  19. You should try a dormobile! The whole bed seems about a foot higher when made up. It's balanced on the table at usual table height.
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  20. couldnt do with that i nearly scalp myself enough as it is! hehe... i'll stick to sleeping in the roof me thinks... well cosy up there... or head facing forwards :) x

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