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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, May 11, 2019.

  1. Down Weymouth way as the sun was going down [​IMG]

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  2. Are we still doing this, or are you lot at work?[​IMG]

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  3. I work from home so my brew and views rarely change. Think I’ll relocate outside today in the glorious sunshine.
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  4. Maybe :thinking:
  5. Mine won't change for a couple of days now, then we're off to the New Forest for a change of scenery! That'll be followed up with the Retro Rides show at Goodwood at the weekend before I come crashing back to reality!

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  6. sounds blissful and the weather is perfect for it! :thumbsup:
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  7. Me too! :D

  8. Nice. Not so grim up north then? ;)
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  9. Not for the last few days but last week we had hailstorms :/
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  10. Having a brew in the cinema office whilst we show Bohemian Rhapsody for what seems like the 10 thousandth time :)
  11. Evening all! [​IMG]

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  12. Chilled I take it!!
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  13. Once you’ve had a few Doombars, can you dive through one side of your van and out the other?
  15. If the kitchen wasn't there I reckon it would be a four beer stunt....with the kitchen I think it's a 7 beer stunt at least.

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  16. WP_20190514_12_04_17_Pro.jpg
    Keeping it rolling, no brew, but a view and proof the sun shines in Scotland
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  17. Dubs

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    Sitting in the bug having a coke break in the sun.. :)

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