Show us yer brew and view

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, May 11, 2019.

  1. Good Morning from sunny Saltaire
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  2. I'm calling fake ,
    Sunshine and no gin...?
  3. Shhhh, it’s in the hip flask in the pj’s pocket :D
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  4. From outside Sullys cafe East Grinstead
    Overlooking the South Downs
  5. Fake neeewwwwwws! And there’s no brew
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  6. It’s on the rock to the right..... Marmite the wind has blown it over:p
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  7. Ha!
  8. Not so sunny Cullingworth. Have been doing battle with the leylandii on the left for the past week....
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  9. The sun is on its way but so are a few showers by the looks of it.
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  10. E1D04D09-AA29-46B8-B626-2D8429BA5948.jpeg E6590C3E-75FF-473D-A40A-E6AEBC867A63.jpeg

    Clangers n coffee
  11. WP_20190511_10_38_23_Pro.jpg
    Sunny Scotland, about to attack the weeding...
  12. Dubs

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    Not much of a view.. and a very average brew to be fair!
  13. I bet it’s sunny in Barnsley , it’s always Sunny in T Barnsley :thumbsup:
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  14. Looking good there..
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  15. Blat flattery.
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  17. Did this on the way down to Stanford Hall, thought to myself, get away nice and sharp, put key in ignition, nothing happened. Must have left the lights on, what a wally. Tried my battery charger, way too slow, so ended up jumping her off the leisure battery. Still don't know what I left on...
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  18. At last the sun comes out for a photo, I’m about six cups of tea into it now with waiting! :D
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  19. I’m in bed. No brew. No view.
  20. Pah! Well start your own thread then, “Don’t Show Us Your Brew And Your View” , instead of freeloading on here! :mad:
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