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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, May 11, 2019.

  1. Of course, now you've told us all how good the view from the window is, we all need to see a picture ;) ;) ;)

    PS no rush :)
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  2. [​IMG]

    @3901mick might recognise it...

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  3. .[​IMG]

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  4. [​IMG]
    Yesterday afternoon.

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  5. If I'm not mistaken looking across to Tennyson Down
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  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery
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  7. Laaaaaan

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  8. It’s Freshwater Bay Isle of Wight.

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  9. And if you look across Freshwater Bay ... its Tennyson Down ... got a big cross on the top ... where I proposed to my wife.
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  10. Which campsite & how is it?
  11. Learn something every day!

    Nice memory shared too

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  12. That’s the main NT car park.
    Don’t tell anyone but I’ve stopped overnight there. It’s a great spot to watch the surfers until the sun goes down, then when they all drive home after sunset it’s usually empty. Pull the curtains and go to sleep listening to the waves. You can get away with it every now and then.
    There’s a public loo there too. For showers I usually nip over to The Harbourmaster’s at Yarmouth, I think it’s 50p for the shower or something silly.

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  13. Nice. I know it well. Parked there quite a few times when on the beach below.

    Never stayed overnight there though.

    We usually stay at Stoats Farm just down the road
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  14. We have stayed several times at Grange Farm on the coast at Brightstone.
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  15. I use a Camping and Caravan Club small site, Paradise Cottage, Westside Farm at Chale Green. Dead quiet, I like it that way. Little Owls in the evenings and Buzzards overhead all day.

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  16. Blimey, missed this. Hope you’re fit and well now x.

    Which quackhouse were you in - Soton?
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  17. You were having your gentleman’s parts extracted from the vacuum cleaner, Baz. Not quite the same thing.
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  18. Home sweet home now, and trying not to ‘lift anything heavier than a cup of tea’ as per discharge instructions!
    The quackhouse in question was Salisbury.... far more convenient for us Fordingbridgers, despite having to have special dispensation to use ‘Wiltshire Facilities’ :D
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  19. 4EDD3D84-462C-4E33-828B-488C8600998E.jpeg Morning all...
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