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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, May 11, 2019.

  1. Good morning from Kos [​IMG]

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  2. Next time I’ll bring some Sun down here![​IMG]

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  3. How is the old place ??
    Spent summer there in the van

    Had to leave Turkey as you can only have a foreign vehicle there for 6 months . Kos was the nearest island so got the ferry over . Lucky enough to pick up a bit of work with an English builder which kept us going and spend many a night having monster parties and wild camp on the beaches - happy days ...

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  4. It was lovely. Kos town for one day as we were only about 10mins away on the bus. A 3 island cruise round some of the smaller islands finished off with a little cove were the boy was jumping off the top deck ! And of course the pool and all inclusive bar I've come back for a detox...

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  5. Gotta keep cool somehow...... [​IMG]

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  6. I worked out of Kos town for a summer, on a wooden sailing boat. Happy times. Loved the life there. And very easy to hop over to Turkey!
  7. Bike ride and cuppa before work
  8. E6D2264D-D499-413C-8A1C-1D5F985AA1C3.jpeg

    Transfer deadline day. just about managed to get my coffee in shot. #coys
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  9. Some local white wine at the Sunset Café[​IMG]

  10. Home brew :)
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  11. image.jpg
  12. Did you not make him a cup :(?
  13. He does like a nice cup of tea, judging by his enthusiasm if I forget and put my mug down on a surface he can reach! But he's quite a messy drinker so no cups in bed for him quite yet.... ;)
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  14. I’m told you shouldn’t give dogs tea, but both of my old mutts used to gollop it down. Loved it!
  15. I try not to, but any unattended mugs at his level seem to be fair game if I'm not quick enough!
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  16. Looks like a super fellow. Getting bigger!
  17. [​IMG]

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  18. Yay, away!!![​IMG]

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