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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, May 11, 2019.

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    One from the weekend, a cheeky schnapps after skiing.

  2. On the mouth of the Exe this morning. Just been on an 'adventurous' bus journey to Newton Poppleford for a walk down the Otter. [​IMG]

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  3. The most boring job in the world

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  4. .[​IMG]

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  5. Today’s brew with a view....
    the brew is pretty damn fine, and the view out the window ain’t bad either :)

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  6. Blimey, what have you been doing to yourself :(
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  7. Good luck Sarah
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  8. Nothing too drastic, just a big lumpy lipoma in my shoulder cavity that was painfully pushing all the things that were supposed to live there out of it’s way. Been waiting for an op date since February, and then all of a sudden last week they bunged me on an emergency list. All done and dusted yesterday, and now enjoying hospital food for a couple of days :)
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  9. Get well soon.
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  10. Take it easy Tree lady :)
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  11. That's good (to hear you are okay & not with this ruddy virus). Take it easy, get well soon, get rested & maybe see you at Keiths!
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  12. Take it easy Sarah - glad you've been sorted out
    Where do I send the flowers ??

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  13. Hmmmm. Enjoying hospital food.
    Speedy recovery. :)
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  14. Where was my flowers when I was in hospital:p
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  15. Get well soon, Sarah. Good to see you "up and about".
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  16. Get well soon Sarah xx
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  17. All the best for a speedy recovery.

    Hope you are back behind the wheel before long.
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  18. Oh well , you certainly get the sympathy vote from me x

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    Sounds painful!

    On the plus side, you do get to lay in bed and listen to tunes all day! Have a speedy recovery.

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  20. Get well soon @scrooge95 Sarah. We clubbed together and got you some grapes and Lucozade, but Baz the greedy get scoffed the grapes and Don thought the Lucozade was Irn Bru so that’s gone too :(. The thought was there though :thumbsup:
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