Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. So after all this digging out ...what are you having then ...tarmac or gravel .
    It is a problem waist dig off . If the job needs doing in a hurry then it can cost .

    Sometimes it is possible to try and separate the lifted hardcore separate from the subsoil and top soil from the sub and deal with ridding them separately ...may not be possible where you live but where i live people need hardcore or top soil and just tip your sub soil , having a tranny tipper helps with this
  2. IMG_20210514_112543.jpg
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  4. Cackleberries ;)
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  5. Emus.
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  6. Well, if you're going to take that attitude :rolleyes:
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    Sat behind this in Sheffield today. Now I’m sat on my boat :)

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    Ive never heard that term before!
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  9. Day


    Parked up for lunch in our favorite car park. [​IMG]

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  10. Nice little bimble around the Warwickshire countryside and the Grand Union canal. Was okay till I jerked my hernia sliding on some mud. 20210514_171541-ANIMATION.gif IMG_20210514_171448_BURST010.jpg IMG_20210514_162210.jpg
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  12. Is that a John Deere you've got there?
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    yes :)
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  14. One day it disappeared unexpectedly...

    it left a Deere John letter

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    Most certainly!
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    From this at 09:00


    To this at 10:16


    It’s going to be a long day!
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  17. Guinea fowl.
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  18. a nice weekend job out of the rain...:p

    must have been strange living with those skinny worktops...:confused:
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  19. Happy 2nd birthday to this handsome fella
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