Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. IMG_20210503_130523.jpg

    Sliced ,fried and served on freshly baked ciabatta

  2. A cheap 3d printer...:cool:
  3. E3873F66-6AE2-414B-910E-2F7F268B0626.jpeg
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  4. I don't know, from what I saw there was another one at the next stantion up. Don't know about the cockpit as I can't see it.

    Beautiful pictures Cat.

    We ran leads from the bow to the cockpit, the only reason to detach was passing or going up the rigging.
    24' Bristol, was beautiful in heavy weather.
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  5. Last picture,
    Made mom venison dinner, had a beer with her. Even garlended the gravy with parsley. She went back for 3rds.[​IMG]
  6. Nice job, what did you use?
  7. Nakia is our gold at the end of the rainbow :D
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    :thumbsup:I’m almost embarrassed to say that we have another one but it’s in the boat :oops:.

    @Meltman I shifted the top one nearer after you said. :)

    we have life jackets for in the river tho. Even when it’s calm. Here’s Sarah in hers.

  9. JamesLey

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    Trip to the Blue Pool over near Furzebrook yesterday. Love driving down these little tracks.

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  10. Well done Alex, hope you never need it. It's a good idea (recommended anyway) to wear a life jacket on a river or if doing stuff which means reaching/leaning over the sides of the boat etc. Another safety aid rather than a life belt is a throwing line. It's lighter and takes up less room and is not likely to injure someone in the water. Imagine being hit by a thrown life belt. As you can see we are very safety conscious in the Chesterfield Canal Trust.
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  11. Looks lovely. Can you swim there?
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  12. JamesLey

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    I don't think you can. It's an old quarry so I wonder if it's not too healthy to?
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  13. I wouldn’t want to go for a dip :eek:
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  14. I suppose it depends on what they quarried. If there’s wildlife there, fish, waterfowl etc, you’d think it mightn’t be too bad. You’d have to test the water quality of course :thumbsup:
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  15. Used to have loads of old gravel pits in That Germany when we lived there. They’re deadly: steep sides and freezing water. Quite good for drowning yourself...
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  16. I think it was a clay quarry. It's very deep.
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  17. I just checked on their website and its less than I thought at 30 feet deep though that's still a lot of clay that was dug out by hand in the 1800's.
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  18. Great purchase Mike, it would be great if you could print some of the difficult to get plastic bits for Bays. I guess you would have to team up with someone who can 3D scan and write the files. Let me know if you are ever able to make the black plastic covers for the cab seat hinges on very late bay's and T25's. Hope you have lots of fun.
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  19. Nice place that, we often stay at East Creech farm :)
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