Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. I want your dog.
  2. Merlin Cat

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  3. On the off chance Cropredy goes ahead do you think you’ll be there on your boat? I want a good nose around :D
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    thats the plan :). I’m trying to get my friend Rachel, whose boat you came on, to moor up really badly so that I can fit in next to them :)
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  7. Is that Roses lime marmalade in the jar Malc ?
  8. So you murder snowmen and then have the intension of burning there body's .
    Why don't you just do the decent thing and let them melt .
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    Yes Ewan
  10. Don’t think much of the replacement sea defences, this cones aren’t a patch on the old groynes.
  11. Haven't had that in years . they used to do a tangerine marmalade ...very sweet , don't know if they still do it
  12. davidoft

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    I didn’t even notice them when I was there :eek:, I really like that part of the beach since it’s moved back :cool:
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  13. Shovel some snow underneath it for something comfy to lie on.
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  14. I thought it was a they do like to burn...
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  15. [​IMG]
    Almost unrideable.
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  16. Yeah, me too. I found the uproar last year quite funny.... we want to save the local environment by maintaining the man made intervention and not let nature take its course!! Bonkers.

    What they wanted is a car park closer to the spit and the kite surfing.

    I reckon the bay and deep beach at low tide is much nicer :)
  17. davidoft

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    funny all the old folk moaning about the you g folks doing what the old folks did when they were young :eek: , they decided to let the man made intervention run its course about 30 years ago and now it is. Car park can always be extended into the brush land. Seems more sheltered too, be ace in the summer when I can walk down , I don’t need a car park anyway :cool:
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  18. What happened...:confused:
    99% of us have no idea... :)
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  19. davidoft

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    the council decided to remove the sea defences and the old folks moaned, but half of em lived somewhere else before the “useless “ sea defences that were a waste of money were installed , but they’re now moaning they are getting rid , proper no win , however from a non 6 toed person it’s a million times better , the shore line and car park did recede around 100ft in a few months so it looked dramatic and the associated furore assumed the same rate for ever so we would definitely sink 3 weeks next Tuesday , but it’s staying stationary, the rest is information only privy to island interbreds
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