Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Ha, kindled a memory of finding a cool black Zippo down the side of a seat on a transatlantic flight over 25 years ago!
    May have still got it somewhere but it think I gave it to my brother. Still got my stainless one though :thinking:
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  2. Zippo lighters are an ace piece of design, nowadays a bit redundant, probably for the better.
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  3. C813A970-F509-4C64-86DE-3F771CFC6D76.jpeg

    All the fires.
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  5. I see the ash trees are now starting to take over ..and cover up the genocide activities .
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  6. Moons

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    With all the ash die back, not for long. We've lost all ours - the country side is going to look very different in a couple of years.

    A good time to be a lumberjack.
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  7. Down South, the Ash trees seem to be holding on.
  8. The other day,I jacked up the back of the slider. I think that it needs me to fit the repair -panels that l bought 2 years ago , 20200929_123220.jpg
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  9. Wouldn't surprise me if it was 50% ash in Derbyshire .
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  10. It's a continuous battle and never ending. I'm already finding minor new eruptions that hadn't been noticed last time it was having costmetic surgery.
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    How South is South? I'm in South Wales so probably level with that London from the equator. There is a big study going on.

    It would be brilliant if at least some are saved - the amount of hedges at the roadside that are Ash, and dying, is amazing - there are probably 100 trees, each over 40ft along a 4 miles stretch of road near here that will die and fall - local councils will be looking at pretty hefty bills.
  12. That’s what the decking is for
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  13. Found this on the back of a shelf in the garage today, had almost forgotten I had it. About 20 years ago a guy up the road gave me a seized T1 1600 lump, mostly complete which he'd dragged out of his sons Beetle shortly before scrapping it. Didn't take me too long to discover why the crank wouldn't turn! I managed to salvage quite few bits from that engine including the fan housing, inlet manifold, flywheel, cam and followers which still live on to this day in my Bay :). As far as I know the son never did fess up as to what he was doing to cause such a catastrophic failure!
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  14. When the gearbox broke on my Bug I took it out and sent it away for a rebuild, please bear in mind that it was a race car, though I don't use it as such and have never been a serious racer myself. The gearbox builder asked me if I'd broken one of my axels on the start line at some point. I said what do you mean? I then looked at my photos of the gear box I had just taken out of the car. Oh how I wish that had been my story to tell, that would have been a great memory to have made. Imagine a swing axel, about an inch thick steel bar doing this to a machined billet side plate, quite an interesting noise, I'd imagine. WP_20170620_19_36_47_Pro~2.jpg
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  15. A505C678-7A1B-49FE-8452-C5E2BA89ED9C.jpeg
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  17. We have Ash dieback on the estate where I work; it’ll certainly change the tree line as they all die, and I think it will be a ‘when’ not an ‘if’ it happens. We’ve not been allowed to sell Ash for years now on the nursery, can’t even remember the last time we propagated any varieties, must be close to 10 years.
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  18. Feel a bit bad as we've been cutting ash down for the last 20 years as it's not big garden. There's a 50-60 year old one that isn't that healthy, it's not ash die back but it has rot in the heart. There are loads of seedlings every year and we pull them out as weeds. If anyone wants some I'd be happy to pot them up and pass them on.
  19. There’s a huge one down the bottom of my garden in a bit of land that the council own but ignore. I have no sentimentality about it at all, the sodding thing drops branches into my garden on a regular basis and sends out it’s seedling to invade my veg patch. It is ridiculously healthy with not a sign of any disease
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  20. I’ve got 4 that I pulled out as weeds, then put them in pots, behind my shed.
    They are about 4’ tall, now.
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