Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. The jam gives a better foundation for extra cream on top
  2. Camping yesterday just outside Tring, a massive six miles from home.
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  3. Then the sky went this colour

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  4. Then it got a bit ugly for some. They went home....

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  5. 2020-08-13 08.38.32.jpg
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  6. Another day another unit!
    Assembled up dry contemplating if I can be bothered to glue it up. [​IMG]

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  7. 2020-08-13 16.08.59.jpg
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  8. Been in France for almost a week and the 1st bay we've spotted so far, was in........McDonalds. no half price eating over here...40 euro for 4 meals and a happy meal!

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  9. I was there for 12 days never saw another Bay :(
  10. On the drive from Calais to Royan, about 9 hrs for us, we only saw one other vehicle from the UK. No other Brits on any of the sites so far either....
  11. 38E1A297-2F3E-415D-AB73-B79B1A9960AC.jpeg
    Saw This rare Clean cutie on the site today
    There aren’t many of these left
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  12. Suppose most don't want the extra 2 weeks isolating holiday when they get back.
  13. correct. But with the amount working from home, or like us that managed to work in a 'just in case' return, its a shocking difference compared to last year.

    We played it safe and booked a return date that would allow the isolation time. Got to feel for those that didn't
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  14. Neighbours lad and his family have gone and he works for British gas, so working from home isn't an option.
    He was initially going to Spain and cancelled due to restrictions.
    Think you have to be brave booking anywhere at the minute.
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  15. I see France is now on the restricted list as of 4am tomorrow so people coming home after that need to isolate for 14 days. How does that work if you've only managed to get a week off work? :confused:
    I know a few people currently in France and their employers aren't happy about them being off another 14 days. Not a lot they can legally do thousgh is there?
  16. Maryport lighthouse at the end of the marina. The first cast iron octagonal lighthouse of its type and possibly one of the oldest still in existance in the world.
    2020-08-14 09.20.28.jpg
  17. Pretty sure isolation is on the sick
  18. They're hoping the employers will be 'understanding' but without government subsidy or a viable checking system there'll be hundreds pressured into returning to work early or not at all...
    Everyone likes a jolly abroad but risking their livelihood by having to lockdown on return and knowing it was a distinct possibility was plain stupid to go in the first place.

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  19. Mrs para works for a large supermarket chain and they have been told quarantine when returning from abroad will be classed as unpaid authorised absence.
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  20. This was all publicised recently.
    The statement was basically, the world is in flux, no one knows what will happen tomorrow, if you go abroad the risk is on you.
    Fairly clear I think. people took the risk.
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