Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Well done
    It's a bit lumpy around there an' all , treat theesen to a pint...

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  2. I thought it said Jambo
  3. Has anyone escaped from that island ;)
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  4. Breakfast time[​IMG]

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  5. Nice beetle ..great colour .
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  6. Sounds like campervan ?
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  7. Where you at, Col? Looks nice.
    (as an aside, I'm after buying a (2-3 cup) coffee pot for the camper, and as you are the connoisseur... any recommendations?)
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  8. Roof looks like its softwood frame with a hardboard headliner and a sheet of thin ply with the aluminium over that. Not great construction methods really.
  9. When I see any aluminium cooking thing I'm always reminded that my mother used rhubarb to clean her aluminium pans...and then buy something stainless steel. Maybe a bit half arzed as the coffee holding bits are still aluminium.
    Same Bialetti as Collyp but stainless. Claims 4(?) cups but I can get the max fill in one big mug. IMG_20160516_130239352_HDR.jpg
  10. At the Walton Bridge Breakfast Club. :thumbsup:
    cant go wrong with a Bialetti. Mine is only good for one mug. Get a bigger one - they are ace.
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  11. That Beetle’s a beaut :thumbsup:
  12. @Merlin Cat a late one for you, Alex, with plastic door handles etc. Must late 80's, do you think?

  13. Busy in Chichester Harbour yesterday. As to be expected loads of boats anchored off East Head just inside the harbour entrance, best to be avoided if you want some peace & quiet. IMG_5420.JPG
  14. Day


    Just seen we are in this year's ACSI European camping book.
    That's us down in Tuscany! [​IMG]

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  15. Merlin Cat

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    looks lovely :). Are you abroad?
  16. En France :D
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  17. Chopped the B pillar and arch on the caravelle back to find some good metal. I think theres about 5 or 6 panels make this section up so should be fun.
    2020-08-02 15.17.01.jpg
    2020-08-02 15.17.14.jpg
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  18. thought a bit naff when I was a kid. Now I’d love one. Saying that I did have a 2 CV. You’ve never really driven until you’ve had a horizontal gear leaver :confused:
  19. Eyeing up second breakfast this morning

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