Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. DCF14189-99D3-4F9B-AEB3-71C4E6A0A1E4.jpeg Pulled them out to hoover the garage !!
  2. Day


    We sell at a local fair... In one day we make a couple of thousand euro just with the garlic.
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  3. Took the Lidl life raft out on the Avon yesterday. So much for hottest day, it started raining.

    Still, we had fun

    Update on my daughter Kim: still has very little energy, got the all clear on her chest x-ray. Also got made redundant on Thursday, but she is actually glad to not have to go back to the toxicity - having heard her so called manager on the phone I'm not surprised.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Was it plain sailing..
    It looks sturdy enough..
  5. Merlin Cat

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    What is causing the lack in energy @Louey ? Is it a blood thing? Hope she recovers soon.
  6. It catches the wind a bit, and it was better when we went back to shore to pump it up a bit more

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  7. Kim had a blood test recently and I think her platelets were only very slightly low, otherwise nothing else showed up. She us due another test next week.

    Kim has a few allergies, Gluten, milk and potatoes ,so that probably accounts for not recovering quickly to the virus (it's been almost 4 months)

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    The boy and Granddad’s bike
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  9. [​IMG][​IMG]
  10. Lovely...

    Where would that be ??

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  11. North Wales coast, not far from Nefyn, free spot for 2 nights no hassle.
  12. I removed the skylight and resealed it with non setting butyl mastic.
    I may have overdone it a little going by the amount that squeezed out.
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  13. D1D8B03D-9880-46A9-9775-FACEF573BD8E.jpeg
    post golf beer. We had a Spitfire flypast but it was too far away for photos.
  14. Good work Never mind that nobody sees it
    Better to have it sealed up ,
    because if water gets Into the framework it’s only cheap untreated softwood and it would cost considerably more to put right ;):thumbsup:
  15. 20200801_145143.jpg
    Swapped the rusty chromed bumper bolts for stainless ones, cleaned the rust stains, sprayed Dynax and pratted about with the inaccessible nuts because of the tow bar. T cut on the bumper to smarten it up. Pondered how to make some brackets for the ends of the bumper to the wing, hit a bit of steel bar, gave up and took the dogs for a run in the van.

    Oops, should have been in the other thread! Soz :)
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  16. To days last pic 9CF57D95-72FC-4B87-9D0A-AFEDD6EC74B7.jpeg

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    Overnight camping:)

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  18. 98F116E0-E5AC-4E96-8F67-045ECE021608.jpeg Reeth int Dales. 75 mile round trip, tad hungry after that

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